Monday, 17 September 2012

Kate and Williams Get Boobsy Welcome in Solomon Island, Lol

After Kate's bare chest caused and is still causing an upheaval between the royal family and France, this just seem like a very funny irony, and I guess Kate thought so too as they were welcomed at Solomon Island by bare breasted entourage.
William is trying to keep a straight face,lol

The Young Royals were garlanded with the traditional jewellery during their visit to the tiny village of Marau in the Solomon Islands before taking the scenic route to Tavanipupu aboard a traditional war canoe.
It was a world away from the storm that has engulfed the couple because of topless pictures of Kate published by a french magazine Closer last week. The Duke and Duchess's lawyers are in a Paris court today seeking an injunction to prevent the further spread of the images.

How funny: Kate stifles a giggle as she and William are garlanded by a gaggle of bare-chested women after they arrive on Marau in the Solomon Islands
Intricate: The colourful necklaces, worth up to £150 each, took three months to make
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