Thursday, 27 September 2012

Kogi State Disaster, Our Very Own Nightmare

Aerial view Of Ibaji Submerged 
I did not go to the office today, due to Malaria and an accident with pancakes and me playing master chef...that's a story for another day. 
So, I have been spending my time reading and trying to catch up on my phone calls, Assignments and other stuff I have not been able to do. I know my doctor said to rest, but what does he know. lol
I spoke to a dear friend of mine whose parents reside in Kogi, and she told me about the horror going on there and it left me speechless. She told me about people living in mountains, those who have lost everything, those who have not been able to feed and it just seemed like the  horror stories of some Area C continent! close to 100,000 people have been displaced and properties worth over 40b naira has gone under.
NEMA is asking people to relocate because of the magnitude of the floods.And before you go talking like one of my very ignorant friends, remember that even when you have money, relocation is never easy. You are moving to a new town, no job, no money and you have nothing in this new place. You just want safety at the moment, but you need to pay for a new apartment, and the bills will come right away.  A three-man team has already been mobilized by the Geneva headquarters and the team is expected shortly in Nigeria for the possible assistance to the victims of the floods.”
The Kogi State governor, who was also flown by NEMA team in a rescue helicopter for aerial survey/view of the scenes of the flood, said “the situation is not only devastating but alarming by the magnitude of damages to the communities as we had just seen from the air.”
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Got me thinking, how so many people are unaware of how bad this is in Kogi, yet when there is a Tsunami in some foreign country we sit down with our friends and talk about it all day.
Ibaji, a predominantly farming community along the bank on River Niger in Kogi state have been submerged by flood.Emergency workers from the The National Emergency Management Agency said the are rescuing trapped victims from rooftops and tree tops.
Floods, caused by overflowing River Niger has been wrecking properties, homes and farmlands from upstream Lokoja, to downstream Anambra and Imo states. It is expected to continue into the Niger Delta areas later in its course.
Since late last week, rescue workers have been been rescuing victims into camps on high grounds after the flood sacked a larger part of Lokoja, cutting off a major road linking Abuja, the federal capital city and most cities in southern Nigeria.
The emergency body, has issued a high priority warning to resident of the affected Ibaji Local Government Area to evacuate their farms and homes as water levels rise.
The Director General of NEMA, Muhammad Sani-Sidi made the warning on Thursday after presenting additional relief materials to victims of flood in Kogi State.
“It is now necessary to call on people living in Ibaji to either move to Idah Local Government Council of the state or to closer communities in Anambra State,” Mr Sani-Sidi said.
-Daily Times
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