Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Mother Sells 2 Kids and Gives a Third For Free, For Less Than 2 Pounds!

Desperation: Poverty drove Purnima Halder to sell her three daughters
I am trying not to sound judgmental, but how bad can it be that you would sell your three children? It does not matter how broke you are, these are children who did not ask to be brought into this world, now you trade them? What kind of person pays for two of your children and you give them a third for free!
I am still in shock as it is hard to wrap my mind around this. First their father is a beast and then their mother sells them off, for less than two pounds and we wonder why this generation is turning out really crappy.

According to Dailymail ,An Indian mother sold her three young daughters for just £2 after her drunken husband threw her out of their house.
Purnima Halder, 35, was so desperate that she could not even afford to buy the children a meal.
She sold the older two children, aged ten and eight, for 185 rupees (£2) and then gave her four-year-old away for free.
The incident took place in West Bengal's South 24-Parganas district. 
Police rescued all the three girls after residents of Malancha village in the district's Neora locality informed them about a woman selling off her children because of poverty.
'All the three girls have been rescued after we carried out an extensive search taking Purnima along. 
'We have already video-recorded her statement,' South 24-Parganas district police superintendent Praveen Tripathi said on Sunday.
'The girls are now in a shelter in the Mandirbazar area. Purnima was thrown out of her home by her husband Uttam Halder and gave her children to three different people so that they could get the much-needed sustenance and shelter.
'She was extremely worried as it was difficult for her to provide even a square meal to them,' a senior district police officer said.
Uttam, a plumber, was arrested late on Saturday on the charges of torturing his wife and daughters.

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