Sunday, 23 September 2012

Talk About A Miracle

I think happiness does not just happen, you have to make it happen. It is one of those decisions you have to consciously make. Like deciding if you want to see the glass half empty or half full. Same glass... different perspective. Or if you want to see the rose as being unfortunate to have thorns, or the thorns as being fortunate to have the rose.
Have you ever wondered how your mai guard, your helps, the cleaner in your office and other people who do those menial (but extremely important)jobs survive? I was thinking about some family men who are security guards, doormen, gardeners and so many others, I just could not help but wonder how they do it, how they survive on as little as 15 thousand naira a month! Now that’s my definition of a miracle.
Yesterday I had a discussion over lunch with my colleague, Yinka, we talked about the cost of living in Nigeria, the glaring demarcation between the rich and poor, and majorly about the amount of money some people get paid, and I discovered the true meaning of an everyday miracle. They pay rent, feed, have families, and truth be told, their survival each day, week and month is beyond their understanding! I have always treated every worker with the utmost respect, because the guy who cleans the office is just as important as anyone else, if companies didn’t think so, they would hire them now, would they? And through all the financial burdens they face, you still see them smile, and some of them talk with so much optimism, you would think they own the silver lining behind the dark clouds!
    I have been inspired by a lot of people in life, and not necessarily by some big time preacher or a fancy motivational speaker, I have been inspired by very practical realities, people with real stories whose lives without saying much has built my own school of thought, I have learnt contentment from the poor and down trodden, I have learnt confidence from the rich and affluent. I have decided not to draw a mental barrier when it comes to learning life’s values, as long as there is a valuable lesson to be learnt, I do not care if its coming from my CEO, or the office messenger!
     A lot of us grew up thinking of miracles in terms of sick being healed, lame walk and blind see, but we are blinded and fail to see those miracles that God blesses our lives with daily.

    How many of us have been in situations that seemed like there was no way out, and somehow, through no effort of yours, it is taken care of? I have been there, and trust me, these are not mere coincidences, its God’s way of saying “I’ve got your back, my child” we only seem to acknowledge miracles when we are looking out for them, but when they just happen, we tend to think, what a coincidence!
      I recall relocating and moving to my apartment in Lagos last year, and I had spent way beyond my budget on accommodation because of the location I chose, so when I went shopping at the LG shop for my home appliances, I had gotten the fridge, a/c, teevee etc, then I realised as small as it was I did not have any cash for a microwave! I really needed it, but I figured, that would be some other time I guess and I told them to take it off my purchase, and I wistfully looked on as it was returned to the shelf.
   I had about 7 large appliances to convey home, then the sales girl said “aunty, you might just win on our scratch and win promo.”She explained that I was entitled to a scratch card on each item, in my head I just thought, it would be amazing if I got the microwave.
Guess what? I scratched the first card, it was a microwave… wait a minute, the second card was also a microwave! I wanted one and I got 2! (the other 5 cards were blank sha)
I was so excited, you would think I won a house or a car, but the important thing was I won something I really wanted.
Well, I know I have drifted and ranted a bit, but hey! That’s why this segment is called Rant ‘N Rave.
Anyway, my point is this I do not see miracles as some weird, once in a while phenomenon, I see them everyday in so many inexplicable ways, and if you look around and are honest with yourself, I bet you'll see it too.
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