Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Terminally ill wife and husband of 50 years Commit Suicide as They Could Not Live Without Each Other

Not actual Couple
I think I am as romantic as one can be (without all the excessive drama sha) I love the sweet little gestures, the PDA, those lttle nothings that no one else understands but the two of you. I love having 'our song', I love going on vacations, I love being able to look him in the eyes and still feel all shy and giddy because the warm fuzzy feeling never seems to go away. I love the whole Idea of Love and Romance.
I can still recall the first time I heard Westlife's beautiful love song with the lyrics:
'I wanna grow old with you, I wann die lying in your arms'
I thought it was a beautiful love song, and in my heart I selfishly thought if I love anyone that much, I would rather be the first to die, but not once did I think a suicide pact or us dying together was a cute idea. 
This couple, certainly were not thinking like Dianah, they really coul not live without each other and thought dying together was the next best thing.
On some level, it sounds Romeo et Juliet sweet, but realistically I think it is is morally wrong to take your own life.
Well, according to Mailonline, A terminal cancer victim died in bed hand in hand with her husband who couldn't face life without her, an inquest has been told.
Bowel cancer sufferer Maureen Read, 71, had just discovered her condition was incurable and had just been prescribed a strong painkiller to cope with the pain when she died alongside her husband John, 76.
The couple had been together for more than 50 years and were found by their children lying side by side in bed at their home in Bideford, North Devon.

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