Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Last Time I Checked....

….how is Osagie? Hope he is getting better?” I asked
“Well…we thank God he is improving” she responded
“I will give him a call to check up on him, it’s been a while since I last did” I told her
“Please do dear, he would really like that”
That was me talking to my mum, and Uncle Osagie was alive, the last time I checked.

Uncle Osas was one of my mum’s younger brothers; he was not a typical uncle as he was only two years older than I, so he seemed more like a cousin or an older brother. We had grown up together, made plans, given each other silly nicknames and just built memories, great memories that will last a life time. I never did call him like I told my mum, because I kept putting it off, and now I guess I never will, because he has left us with a broken heart and an empty space.
Uncle Osas got married in December last year, I did not attend the ceremony for whatever reasons, he fell ill and I never visited because I just took for granted the fact that he was definitely going to get better and I live in a different city, though we talked on phone quite often, now he is gone and I have to be at his funeral.
Just never take for granted the people you love, never miss an opportunity to show them you love them, try to remember their birthdays, quit putting off that phone call or visit, don’t forget to apologise or forgive, because as much as I will miss my dear Uncle, and as much as I tell myself its not a feeling of guilt I have, I know I would have felt better if I had made that call, because uncle Osagie was still alive the last time I checked.

RIP Uncle Osas
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