Tuesday, 18 September 2012

We Don't Care if It's a Diamond Studded iPhone 5 Ashton Kutcher!

Haba! how can you be with your girl and you keep staring at your phone even while she is snuggling and being all kissy kissy!
iPhone 5 is the new rave, right? well, we don't care if that is a diamond studded version of it, tuck it in those jeans and focus on Mila.
I know you people are thinking my oversabi is too much and that it is none of my business, I had to speak my mind jor.
Other than Ashton's phone craze, I think they make a cute couple.
Tucked away: The couple perched up on a rock in Central Park for some more snuggling
Take a look at other photos after the cut and be the judge.

Getting close: Mila cosied up to the actor at a busy crosswalk

Look into my eyes: Mila wanted his full attention, but Ashton throughout the day seemed hypnotised by his phone

And we're off! Mila did the heavy lifting and hailed the couple a cab
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