Monday, 1 October 2012

Nigeria at 52, Why Don't I Feel Like Saying 'Happy Independence Day' ?

Today is October first and I will tell you three reasons why it means anything to me:

  • I don't have to go to the office today as it is a public holiday, so I have a spa date booked
  • DSTV is making some changes that I am looking forward to seeing
  • Its the beginning of a new month and I am grateful to God for it
That is the way I feel, nothing like celebrating the nation for me, I really don't know if there is anything to celebrate and I have never been one to pretend. 
I don't hate Nigeria or anything that drastic, I actually will say a prayer for the country and ask God to help us as Nigerians to be more committed and less self absorbed so we can make something out of this great nation, because I know He is not going to send angels from above to come clean up our mess, we still have to do it least those of us willing to.
How do you actually celebrate a country where there is still no power supply, and we still talk about it like it is rocket science?
I am sitting in my room at 3am typing this, we have not had power all weekend in my Ikoyi neighborhood and oga landlord is tired of buying Diesel. So at midnight the generator was turned off.
I am trying to catch up with my online life and the Internet is so slow I might as well board a plane to visit the friend I am chatting with than continue this gist on Skype! Believe me, I have tried almost every internet service provider and they are all pretty much the same.
I try to call or send an SMS and both phones with two different networks are not going through! Seriously!
I do not have two phones cos I like carrying load, I have them cos we always have poor service, so I need a backup, but even the backup sucks!
There has been fuel scarcity, and Awolowo Road had been experiencing insane traffic before the weekend, we have crude oil, no refinery, no fuel. Yeah, lets celebrate being 52,I am sure some billions have been kept aside for the celebration. 
The Kogi natural disaster is there, the bomb scare, the mediocre lifestyle and so many things I am too tired to type about because there is no power, and there are now mosquitoes buzzing around me.
Knowing our president, we might have some shocking news today (He likes shocking us while we celebrate, maybe its a strategy...Like we might be in high spirit so we won't
Well, I guess I am just frustrated with this country and think there is nothing to celebrate, but thats just me talking in the dark because there is no power, my Internet sucks and I can not get the thought of those displaced people in Kogi who now have to live like refugees in their own country out of my head, so do forgive me if I am not excited that we are 52.

Say a prayer for the nation and have a beautiful holiday.
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