Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tekena, Lloyd, Ugonna and Chidiaka (Aluu4) My Heart Grieves at Your Death

For personal reason, which includes trauma after seeing the video of the heartless killing of the Alu 4 I chose to stay away from this tragic story. I cannot stand gore and bloody scenes, which explains why I do not watch horror movies, even as a self acclaimed TV addict.
Seeing Lloyd, Tekena, Ugonna and Chidiaka killed a part of me.
I usually would not watch a video like that, but I got the link from a friend who would normally not send random BB links and broadcast, so I was curious, and that curiousity was my undoing the entire Sunday  and has extended to my week. I think it hit me even harder when I saw the picture of these young men, and tried to relate these goodlooking chaps to the bloody, lifeless, naked bodies that were beaten to a pulp and set ablaze and then the water works start, I just can’t keep myself from crying. I was talking about it to a friend on the phone and she had to start consoling me, because I was still crying.
I think i lost faith in humanity on Sunday. I know people can be cruel and insensitive, but I never knew how perverse we have become as a people. So, on Sunday as I mourned these young men, I mourned humanity as well. I mourned the fact that some have sold their souls to the devil to the point that the devil wants to take lessons in evil from them.
I don’t know if it’s because I have three younger brothers whom I love dearly, and I know how they are with their friends whom they have formed strong bonds with through Nursery –Primary-Secondary and even after graduating from University. Then I think of these 4 young men, cut short in their prime, how they will never have those silly little moments that build great memories, how they will never talk about their future, how they never got to be anywhere near achieving their dreams…then I think of their parents, their families and friends, some of whom might have made the mistake of seeing that traumatic video and watch them being murdered by some cruel beasts, my heart bleeds.
I never knew these boys, but in death they got to so many of us. I don’t know if they were good guys and truthfully at this point I do not care, because I don’t think anyone deserves to die like they did.
Ugonna, Tekena, Chidiaka and Lloyd I pray your gruesome death will not be in vain, I pray by your death some of life’s lessons would have been learnt and importantly at this point I pray for their families….oh! how I pray for their families! That God should help them deal with this pain and loss, may they have the strength to get through this, because I never knew them and I am finding it hard getting over their death.

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