Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Terminally ill Groom Dies Barely Eleven Days After Wedding

I am a mushy person when it comes to love and matters of the heart. I want the fairy tale, prince charming, the knight in shining armor, the glass slippers and the happily ever after, but this kinda love leaves me wondering.
I love it when people are so devoted to each other even unto death, but I dont understand why you have to marry someone when you know they are going to be dead in just a short while. In my opinion, love them, be with them but Dont do the whole marriage thingy. I am not saying it is wrong, just that I don't understand it.

William Kent and his wife Emma

I read this on Mailonline and had to share it her, it feels like a sad love song:

  • A terminally ill groom robbed of speech by cancer married his childhood sweetheart by squeezing her hand to say ‘I do’ before he died 11 days later.
    William Kent, 24 married Emma, 25, at his hospital bedside despite not being able to speak or blink because of nerve damage caused by the illness.
    For six months William, a teacher, fought the disease and would not let it ruin the moment he married Emma who he had proposed to three years ago on Valentine’s Day  in a room he decorated with pictures of beaches, saying he could not afford to take his fiancĂ©e to an exotic location like he wanted
  • The pair met as children at school and started dating in sixth form.
  • Nurses had told William’s family and Emma earlier that day that they could arrange for the wedding to happen to fulfil the couple’s wishes.

  • Happier days: William and Emma met at school as children and started dating in sixth form

  • Emma, who wore a blue dress for ceremony, said William loved life and was adored by everyone.
    She said: ‘The squeeze of the hand was so tight, there was no doubt in my mind at all that he wanted to be married.
    ‘I rushed into town to buy wedding bands. They only stocked samples so I bought those.
    ‘The wedding meant absolutely everything and it was amazing, I think it spurred him on with the strength to keep going for another 11 days.
    ‘Everyone adored William, he made friends with everyone he met and he had a huge group of friends.
    ‘He’d always act the fool and would spoil a couple of photos pulling faces. We first met properly in art classes at sixth form, we started talking and then went to a pub quiz together.
    ‘William was really excited about everything, it was infectious his sense of joy at life, he was a cheeky chappy.’
    William died from lymphoma cancer 11 days after the whirlwind ceremony at Nottingham City Hospital on October 3.

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