Friday, 23 November 2012

Exclusive Photos from the most expensive wedding ever in Nigeria!

Lmao! I wish I could see your faces when you rushed to click on the link. Gosh! Why are we so easily fascinated by other people's wealth? Seriously, how would looking at an ostentatious wedding that is not remotely related to you have added any value to your weekend?
Truth is, it might have actually depressed you, made you sad and think your life sucks...heck! You might have commited suicide! I guess I just saved your life by not showing you the expensive wedding photos.

With this photo, you can laff, say something mean about me (not that I care) but you go on feeling good about yourself.
Ahhhhhh, I love having a blog, I can write whatever and get away with it. I can even recreate April fool's day if it suits me.

Okay, got to get back to reading for my exams, needed a break and this was it.

Have an awesome weekend, and try not to leave God out of it.
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