Wednesday, 28 November 2012

We Will Rest When We are Dead!

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That is the feeling you sometimes get when you are driven and pushed to limits you did not even know you were capable of, and I am not saying this in a good way.
Been talking to a lot of friends, acquaintances and colleagues  lately about work stress, family stress, financial stress and relationship drama,  and all you want to do is run to some distant place where no one can reach you, Exhale and come back…eventually.
I don’t  know about the rest of you, but the title above seem to be what life says to us with each new challenge. Gets me wondering, was it always this way? Did our parents and others in their generation work this hard? Or does it feel much more difficult because we have to foot our own bills?
I thought that with the ever evolving technological trend, life would get a lot easier….sure doesn’t feel that way at all. I still work crazy hours, study like crazy, have to deal with endless calls and emails. I currently see my phones, iPad, laptop and other gadgets as corporate and emotional trappings.
For the past six months, my phones have been placed permanently on 'silent mode', I hate it when it rings because over half the time its work related or someone asking for money! So, as expensive as it may seem, I would rather see a missed call and return it when I can! (I really pray no one calls me during an emergency o!)

I really don’t want to rest only when I am dead! I want to work and still take time to smell the sea breeze, listen to those sounds that makes me realize how awesome God is, see those sights that take my breath away, talk to family and friends and finally go on my Christmas vacation!
I want to have that calm that comes with being in God's presence, rather than scurrying about endlessly like a headless chicken!
I don't want to wait till I am stressed to death before I exhale, I want to have a great life now so when I die, it wont be to REST, it will be to REST IN ETERNAL PEACE.

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