Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Andrew Finally Checks Out. R.I.P Enebeli Elebuwa

Veteran actor, Enebeli Elebuwa passed on in India after a futile battle with stroke. According to Punch online, Elebuwa, who died on Tuesday night, had been battling the effects of a stroke for sometime and undergone treatment at some hospitals in Nigeria before being moved abroad.
The illness had kept him bedridden for sometime.
Elebuwa was well known for the role he played as Andrew in a campaign by the Federal Government in the 80s to discourage Nigerians from fleeing the country.
The immediate President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Mr. Segun Arinze, confirmed Elebuwa’s death on the telephone.

He said, “He fought gallantly. He was a great actor. We all called him Andrew but unfortunately, he has checked out.
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