Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Rantings of a Wedding Planner Continues- Part 7

Of course when it comes to Money and business, men and all their drama will always have to take a back seat.  The excitement at the prospect of a blank cheque was enough to make us forget our pilot crush, at least for now. Steph was definitely a forgotten topic as I could almost see the creative wheels, churning out ideas in the factory that was Nadine’s mind. I knew she was going to be very quiet for the next couple of minutes dreaming up amazing ideas and after that she was going to bombard me with all the ideas, then I would have to start piecing them together. We made an awesome team, Nadine and I. 
I had started dialing to find out which of the large venues could be made available. Usually we love working with large venues like Landmark in Victoria Island annexe, cos its so spacious and you could do almost anything with it, create unbelievable themes as long as the client was ready to dole out the cash.
“I was thinking “ said Nadine “we have kinda used Landmark as a venue for too long, there is this new place, the one Ofure had her wedding in Ikoyi, maybe we should try securing it”

I had no clue what venue she was talking about.

 “I wasn’t at Ofure’s wedding Nadine, that was same weekend I had to travel for my  Aunt M's funeral, remember?” 
 I had lost a very dear aunt around that period and had to leave Nadine to handle the Client alone, and she was so frustrated having to deal with the tantrums of Ofure, who happens to be a dear friend of ours, but one of those very dramatic people who always saw a million ways things could go wrong. The wedding was a huge success, but Nadine wouldn’t speak to Ofure for an entire week after it, saying she could strangle her just to get even.Lol

“Well, Di you might have to call Ofure…or we could drive down there together”  its always better to see the place and visualize, and personally i would rather see the place when it was bare of decorations, i felt it helped you build your own ideas without distraction of decor.

“Works for me,” I said “and, I know you hate to hear this, but we have to let Ify in on this deal” even as I said it, I could already envisage Nadine’s reaction “what the hell for?”
Ify is a superb cake craft person, one of those kind who could make anything you wanted, and you would not have to worry, but according to Nadine, Ify was just an “overpriced cow, who had no respect for business etiquette” yeah, we both agreed she was very expensive, but  it was not my money and Ify was mixed breed, learnt how to make gateaux from some of the experts in France,  and when dealing with moneybags, I knew what would sell.

Same way we have Glen, a white female photographer, not because she was better than people like TY Bello, but because Nigerians would pay us more if they saw a Caucasian, so I exploited their narrow mindedness shamelessly.

But that wasn’t the only reason, Ify and Nadine had their differences from way back, when were both studying in Paris, and they had a history….a story I will have to share some other time, right now we have a wedding to plan.

Make Each Day Count For Good- 2nd Prize Winner, Michael C. Lucy

He stopped and wiped his face with the back of his hand. After gaining his breath back, he bent down and started pushing the truck again. This is how he lives, how he survives, how he feeds his wife and two kids, how he sends his children to school. This truck-pushing business is his job.Ike stepped under the shade to hide from the scorching sun; he knew Mama Bisi would not scold him like other women who do not allow truck-pushers to stand under their shade.
"How market?" Mama Bisi asked.
"Fine o, we thank God" he replied.
He bought "pure water" from mama Bisi and promised to pay when he collects the money for his delivery. This was his first round; he had come late because his youngest son was very sick. He shook his head and dismissed the thought from his head. He had to concentrate; he would think about Chike later. He tore the pure water and finished it in one gulp as he continued pushing the truck towards the warehouse.
Ike delivered the goods to the warehouse, collected his money and was heading out when he heard shouts from the next shop.
Ike ran to the shop. He thought about his sick son, he should take his earnings home immediately but he couldn’t leave the people in the fire.
He ran inside.
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
He felt the cool breeze before he saw the fan swirling above him. The bed he lied on felt unfamiliar and all his body ached. Where was he? He tried to move his body but the pain was too much.
“You are in the hospital sir……….please don’t try to move…….”
Ike looked at the kind nurse as he began to recollect the previous day happenings. He had ran into the burning building and immediately sighted a pregnant woman, she had been too week to stand up and it seemed like she had gone into labour. He couldn’t see well through the thick smoke. He groveled till he got to the woman and carried-dragged her outside, almost choking from the smoke.
Ike sighed and reached to touch his pocket but all he felt was sore skin.
“My money, where’s my money?”
“I am sorry sir but we didn’t find any money…………..we were trying to save you.
He broke down. Why had he done it? Why had he risked his son’s life to save a stranger? His friends had always said his kindness would be his undoing………..he had laughed them off and told them doing good everyday is his way of life. Maybe they were right. How would he explain to his wife that his good deeds cost him the money for their son’s treatment?
*  *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
Amaka, Ike’s wife was smiling when she entered her husband’s ward.
“Amaka, I am so sorry, they said they can not find the money I wanted to bring home for Chika’s treatment…………..I  had it, it was in my pocket…………I’m sorry”
Amaka smiled as she held her husband’s hand
“Its o.k. my husband. The woman you saved delivered a set of twins and you don’t have to worry about Chika’s hospital bills, it has already been paid for by the woman’s family”.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Violetz Party Solution

 I gate crashed  attended a birthday party somewhere in Lekki yesterday, not just any party, but a child's birthday party! Lol, anyhoo, i was quite impressed by the event planners and decided to make some noise about them today.
It was quite impressive to see the owner of the outfits passion for kids reflect in every detail of the event. An impressive MC, who was very much in tune with the kids and at same time able to get the adults involved in the fun.

Maybe I am making such a fuss, cos most kiddie parties are just for the parents to do shakara and enjoy themselves, but this was like a real funfare. Well, I was interested enough to have chatted with the  event planner, and I must admit she is one helluva girl who knows her business and in  just a short time has been able to capture the hearts and pockets of high brow clients such as DHL and Total (yeah, i am talking about the Oil co.)and lots of families seem to recommend her again and again!

It is always exciting and laudable seeing young people carve a niche for themselves in all facets of business and Zainab Lawal of VIOLETZ PARTY SOLUTIONS is taking children's party in Lagos to a whole new level.


Tel: +234 7025799998

You can thank me later, cos your kids are going to be raving about the best party ever!

I am slowly turning this blog to an ad space o!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Past Came Calling

I have family and friends involved in the making of this movie, I Love the title so permit me to share the broadcast below make some noise about this movie.

special invitation to all my friends to attend the world Movie Premiere of the Movie, THE PAST CAME CALLING
Date:    17 FEBRUARY 2012 (tagged Special Valentine's Day weekend Premiere)
Venue: ODEON Cinema, Greenwich, Bugsby Way, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0QJ.
Time:   11.00pm prompt

Guests are expected to arrive from 9.00pm.  Stars of the Movie and other celebrities, such as Oge Okoye, Victoria Iyama, John Dumelo and Chioma Chukwuka (who both starred in), are expected to be at the event.

Laide and Uncle Osi, when is the premiere in Naija o, abi na only people wey dey obodo Oyinbo go watch am?


The storyline of the Movie is simple, yet intriguing and contains twists and turns. ‘The Past Came Calling’ , directed and produced by Ruke Amata, a seasoned Producer and Director, and co-produced by Osi Okponobi, is a movie about a young Medical Student, Susan (Marie Kumba Gomez – the winner of Class Act UK 2011) who came to the UK to study with her sister, Maggie (Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha).

She never, in her wildest imagination, believed she could ever fall in love with a white guy, until she is introduced to Dermot (Oliver Jolliffe), a dashing young guy, by her sister’s boyfriend, Kachi (played by John Dumelo). But, as the saying goes, the heart is not so smart. They met and began, what became a sizzling romantic relationship, until events of the past came calling.
Can their romance withstand the turbulence of deep-seated anger caused by the fake dealings and scams from the past? Will their romance withstand the happenings and resultant prejudices of the past? ‘The Past Came Calling’ is a story about the power of love over racial prejudice and the hangover of the past. 
Produced and directed by Ruke Amata, an ace producer and director of such programmes like the TV drama series “Bachelors”, S.O.D – Son of the Devil, The Accursed, Growing Up, Emotional Hazard, and a host of others.

Friday, 3 February 2012

And The Winners Are.....

Finally we have the winners of Dianah's Place Write N' Win Competition. They were picked by the Judges after carefully going through all the entries received and these were chosen for their style and having a good grasp of the Theme "Make Each Day Count For Good".We thought their style was fresh, and not the typical narrative.

1st Prize-  Chioma Jennifer Obiekwe 
2nd Prize- Michael Chinweudo Lucy

Congratulations Guys, do check your e mails as we need to have your full details to send your prizes.

10 seconds
    By Chioma Jennifer Obiekwe
{1st second}
I turn my head and see a little child reach for her doll in the middle of the street oblivious of the speeding molué heading straight at her.
{2nd second}  
She looks up and sees the bus and freezes on the spot
{3rd second}  
JULIEEEETTTTT!!!!! Her chaperon; maybe her mother or her elder sister or her aunty or her cousin, screams the girls name from the other side of the road
{4th second}
I run, without thinking, towards the little child
{5th second}
I can see the bus reaching me from my side-eye; I know I don’t have time to carry the girl out so I push her as far away as I can
{5 ½th second}
I feel a massive blow on my whole left side
{6th second}
I feel myself flying in the air. I cannot scream… and I know I am about to die.
 I don’t believe this is happening today. Today of all days! Today the doctors finally confirmed I am pregnant, after waiting seventeen years.
Seventeen years!
Do you know how long seventeen years is? Do you know how much longing for something you want so much but can’t seem to have hurts? For seventeen years I have prayed, hoped, sort out the latest science, and the earliest traditional procedures. For seventeen years I have wanted my own child.
And now I die?
Life is such a bitch.
{7th second}  
I am still flying.
I have flown before, but only in my dreams. And in my dreams I didn’t feel so much pain and anguish at the same time.
I think to myself that I must look really funny right now, swinging stupidly in the air and I laugh at myself in my mind
{8th second}
 I feel myself descending. I feel a sense of déjà vu, like this must have happened before, and I make a mental note not to let my instincts push me to save anyone from  a speeding bus  again… if I come back to earth.
{9th second}
My mind’s eye can see the ground before I hit it. My real eyes catch a glimpse of the now wailing little girl I had just pushed out of the way.
Why did it have to be a little girl? I love little girls. I have always wanted a little girl of my own. Someone that would finally be able love and appreciate me, someone I could teach about life and how to live it. Someone I could leave a little part of me with before I die.
O shit! I remember I am about to die!
           {9 ½th second}
I start to break a smile
I reason that this isn’t such a terrible way to die. And in a way I guess I got my wish. The little girl I just saved would probably love and appreciate me for the rest of her life. She will probably tell her children and her children’s children about me. She’ll probably go about being good to others because of what I just did. At least I hope she does go about doing good every day because of me… wouldn’t want to have died for nothing.
I reason I have left a small part of myself with her.
         {10th second}
My smile is half done.
I can hear my mother’s voice. She’s singing to me. It’s the song she always sang when I did something right. It’s a song I haven’t heard in years.  She would be proud of me.
I feel the right side of my head connect with the ground.
I hear the ‘crack’ sound.
I think ‘it’s either my skull or the pavement’
 Everything goes black.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Write N' Win

Hello Guys,

Finally ready to announce the Winners of the Write N' Win Competition. My apologies for the delay as my intention was to announce the winners just before Christmas.
Better late than never I think.

Names of our top 3 winners will be published tomorrow, and the winning piece will be published.

Thanks for your patience, the next will be alot better and faster.


In Memory of a True Don- RIP Don Cornelius

“...the police responded to reports of gunshots at Cornelius's Sherman Oaks home. They found Cornelius with a gunshot wound to the head that appeared to be self-inflicted, according to the Los Angeles County coroner.”- Newyork Times

I was on twitter last night when I saw the report of his death, and of course when you hear an “alleged self inflicted gunshot to the head” the first thought that pops to your head is SUICIDE.

It took me back to when as a kid Soul Train was aired on Saturdays and you actually saw people have fun and be crazy creative on the dance floor and it all started with the very first episode on August 17, 1970.
I really hadnt given him much thought over the years, but i have quotes from people who knew him and have things to say, so I will share them here:

"Don Cornelius was a pioneer & a trailblazer," ..."He was the first African-American to create, produce, host & more importantly OWN his own show."...."Soul Train taught the world how to dance!"- Magic Johnson, Twitter
"someone who paved the way for black music."- Ginuwine

"God bless him for the solid good and wholesome foundation he provided for young adults worldwide and the unity and brotherhood he singlehandedly brought about with his most memorable creation of `Soul Train,'" -Aretha Franklin

"Don was a visionary pioneer and a giant in our business. Before MTV there was `Soul Train,' that will be the great legacy of Don Cornelius”- Quincy Jones

"Don Cornelius' legacy to music, especially black music, will be forever cemented in history. `Soul Train' was the first and only television show to showcase and put a spotlight on black artists at a time when there were few African-Americans on television at all, and that was the great vision of Don."-Clarence Avant

"one of the greatest music legends there was."... "Don Cornelius gave artists who had been segregated from most mainstream vehicles of expression a chance to perform in front of a huge national audience,It was a tremendous opportunity that changed their careers and the whole music industry. To win a Soul Train Music Award meant that the most sophisticated tastemakers in the world loved your work”- Russell Simons

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I Love "LOVE"

February is one of my favourite months of the year,  for so many reasons but mainly two. Valentine’s day, and …….wait  for it…. My birthday! I know people say things like, everyday is a day to show love., so they think Valentine’s day is overrated. Well to all such people I say,BULLS**T!  I just think such people are boring and unromantic. And you can trust my opinion on this, after all I was born in this beautiful month of February (27th if you are planning to get me a gift *wink*)
Okay enough with the drama already, I think days like Valentine are just beautiful and symbolic, gives you something to look forward to and celebrate with the rest of the world. Lets put it this way, looking at the romantic angle, anniversaries are peculiar to each couple, but valentine is like a general love fest, and I do not see why celebrating it should be a huge debate by some “kill joys”, or should I call them “kill love”. Lol

I have been listening to a lot of people talk, and I am big on all the love and romance drama, there is nothing like showing too much love, I just think you should express it the way you feel it. So my prediction for this month goes thus:

·         Lots of red will be on display windows

·         Flowers are going to be in high demand

·         Wedding proposals will be popping

·         Assholes will show their true colors either by running away or having three Valentine’s day celebration with three different people.

·         Holiday packages to nice resorts are going to be all over the place

·         BB broadcasts with everyone coming up with some good and some strange Valentine deals

·         Girls are going to lie and send themselves gifts to impress their friends and colleagues

·         Some people are going to have a blast while the killjoys will try and come up with a million excuses for not celebrating

So here I am sitting down, listening to the Celine Dion’s Color Of Love, which is one of my favorite because it appeals to the Poet in me, I can almost see the picture she paints in the song.( Heard it was the first song ever written for her husband!)  So, I sit here quietly, listening and full of expectations for the month I silently call mine.
<><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><> <><>
The Colour Of My Love- CelineDion
I'll paint my mood in shades of blue
Paint my soul to be with you
I'll sketch your lips in shaded tones
Draw your mouth to my own

I'll draw your arms around my waist
Then all doubt I shall erase
I'll paint the rain that softly lands on your wind-blown hair

I'll trace a hand to wipe your tears
A look to calm your fears
A silhouette of dark and light
While we hold each other oh so tight

I'll paint a sun to warm your heart
Swearing that we'll never part
That's the colour of my love

I'll paint the truth
Show how I feel
Try to make you completely real
I'll use a brush so light and fine
To draw you close and make you mine

I'll paint a sun to warm your heart
Swearing that we'll never ever part
That's the colour of my love

I'll draw the years all passing by
So much to learn so much to try

And with this ring our lives will start
Swearing that we'll never part
I offer what you cannot buy
Devoted love until we die

Kids Republic Magazine

Didnt really know much about them, other than knowing the store in Ikoyi because it is close to my house, and I have a friend who seems to have amazing things to say about them and wanted me to mention them on my blog (Ame, hope you are happy now?Lol)well, I did visit the website and the store and thought it wouldnt hurt to make some noise about them cos they are definitely worth it.
 Kids Republic is a quarterly premium magazine designed specifically for Children, Parents, Teachers and Educational Institutions. It is affiliated to a foremost children’s boutique with the same name, Kids Republic ‘the store’ located at 5 Ribadu Road, off Awolowo Road in Ikoyi.

The complimentary magazine is presently distributed primarily to schools, salons, eateries, Sunday schools and other child-friendly high traffic establishments in Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki and Lagos Mainland.

The magazine features relevant news articles, brainteasers, word puzzles, contests, advice column and a memorable picture-sharing centre for children. Additionally, there are articles, interviews, recipes, current affairs news and a style column, as well as movie and book reviews written predominantly by children. The magazine also features the popular ‘kid endorsed, parent approved’ directory of child-oriented businesses and has become the go-to resource for parents and children in Lagos.

Kids Republic magazine which debuted in December last year encourages reading, provides excellent information, features articles written by students and editorials tailored directly towards positive development of children’s knowledge as well as helping parents and teachers understand better how to relate with kids.

What makes Kids Republic; ’The Company’, unique is its focus on the educational well being of children while spotlighting  lifestyle and fashion. The company serves as a platform to create public awareness on special causes using the magazine as an avenue.

Kids Republic, the store, is a one-stop boutique for children. The store stocks hard to find items for children like a wide selection of costumes, a range of dance wear, bridal train apparel, attires for special occasions and school supplies. Along with toys, books, accessories, shoes and personal care items.

for more info visit: