Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lets Talk Easter

Jesus is the reason for the season, not trying to sound cliché, but that is the truth. Its amazing how the life and death of Christ has such transforming power, and because of it some of us are proud to be called Christians. I always love listening to Cece Winans’ IT WASN’T EASY, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT, makes you appreciate the sacrifice Our Lord Jesus made for us all.
Not sure what you guys are planning for Easter, I will be heading for Benin,  to spend the Easter break with my folks, really excited about it. My bags are packed ,tickets bought, already checked-in( thanks to aero contractors online check-in) and I am all set for this trip.
Sunday April 8, happens to be a double celebration Chez Aigiomawu, my kid sister, the baby of the house will be seventeen and of course we are all planning to make it fun. Ironically the celebrant does not even seem to care about her birthday, we have been asking her to decide on the colour she wants for her cake, and she has been of no use, my brother and I had to decide on any color!
Well, I did promise her a new blackberry for her birthday, and the silly girl called me from her school to say she already bought a lovely case for the BB , and I haven't even bought it yet o! Talk about taking hope and faith to another level! Lol
Anyway, I am so excoited about going home, I am super psyched about easter and I pray we all remember the reason we have this season, Jesus.

Happy Easter y’all, make it count for good!

Something's Missing

Sometimes the pressure is intense
And everything else in between
Feels like I am being torn apart
The phrase “stretched too thin”
That is so me at the moment.

I yearn for a change
But feel too insecure
Maybe a wee bit exhausted
Emotionally and psychologically
I have no idea how to begin
Begin or start all over.