Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I don’t like Vain Men !

I was looking at a couple of guys recently, one a very well known Nigerian artiste (I wont mention his name before some of his female fans will kill me!) and someone said he looked really good, in her words “ **** is so freaking hot!”
I did not say anything when she said it, then she started looking for my trouble trying to make me agree with her, then I said my mind and that was where the argument started. I told her I like to see a guy look good effortlessly, I hate to see a guy make obvious effort, time he should be investing into other reasonable stuff he is wasting it on manicure, pedicure, tweezing his stupid eyebrow and looking at his reflection in the mirror for the right smile! That is female territory jare.
I like a guy to be clean and smell good (not bath with the perfume o! ) just good enough to deserve a I don’t want him carving and shapening his beards and moustache like the artiste in question, I don’t want him walking and looking around at how many chicks are staring at him.
I want a man who is so confident…we see him look good but we don’t see all the effort behind his good looks.
Anyway sha, I just spoke my mind…I don’t like vain man, hell! I don’t even like vain women that are too into their looks, a guy who spends too much time on his looks just makes me feel he is overcompensating for some other ineptitude.

Work day is over, count down to my vacation….I need me a new travel kit.