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Dianah's Place: They Wont Sell If We Wont Buy!

Dianah's Place: They Wont Sell If We Wont Buy!: Prostitution, hate it or love it is a profession as old as man, maybe that is why it seems to always stand the test of time. From times when...


Here I was at the office wondering why I should not be making more money when I received this message and thought to share with you guys. Yeah, I am generous like that.
If you are  over 18, have a valid ID, and a Driver's Licence.
If You can Speak two of either English, Yoruba, Igbo, French or Swahili
If You are looking for a 9am-4pm job, with net salary of $10,000 USD per month, weekly allowance of $1,000 USD Remember, no working during weekends,and you only get to work half-days on Fridays!
If you are interested in this job, please let me know.SO THAT WE CAN LOOK FOR IT TOGETHER. Lol

Got you guys abi? Well, I fell for it too.
Now lets all get back to the jobs we actually have and get paid for.

Don't Want To Be Forever Young!

Dianah's Place: Don't Want To Be Forever Young!: Unlike Jay Z and Mr Hudson , I have no intention of being Forever Young , I just want to age gracefully and enjoy each stage life brings my...

Nigeria is 9th Oversea Friendly University

It is a "refreshing" change to see our country in a list that does not involve corruption, fraud and all the other crazy stuff. So, I thought you should see something positive about Naija as reported by BBC, the gist is too long jare and I had no intention of cutting and pasting so click  HERE for more. Now that we have established our friendliness, hope it translates soon to Academic prowess so that instead of travelling to study in some foreign school, we can do it here and get same quality.
Which is what our president should be looking at instead of renaming all the Universities in the Country. Name change does not change anything Mr President, I thought that was obvious with the NEPA/PHCN scenario.


  • 1. Germany
  • 2. Australia
  • 3. UK
  • 4. China
  • 5. Malaysia
  • 6. US
  • 7. Japan
  • 8. Russia
  • 9. Nigeria
  • 10. Brazil
  • 11. India
Source: British Council

The Laziest Book Ever

I have never met the author of this book, but I simply love the way he makes writing so much fun, and makes laziness feel like some act of intelligence (not that i subscribe to being Lazy)Thinking of grabbing my copy at the HUB, Silverbird this weekend..I hear its a good book.
Also love the way the cover looks all silly and playful and he wrote his own testimonials on the back cover! who does that? this guy is ridiculously hillarious.
Will share my thoughts when I am done. For more on the writer
There is even a competition, a lazy

Diet a la Daniel?...Interesting.

Trying to lose weight has never been my problem, gaining anything over 55kg took me almost ten years! so, you can understand why it is funny to me when I receive weight loss spam mails from different organisations.
 Woke up earlier than usual and thought, why not blog a bit after my morning devotion.
 Discovered a new website  and saw this interesting read on weight loss... talk about serving  God and staying healthy at same time! Win-Win situation if you ask me.
This is how is reporting it:

Jenny Craig? No. Dr. Atkins? No. French women? No.
The world’s hottest weight-loss guru is apparently Daniel — you know, that guy from the Book of Daniel.
Members of a megachurch in California have shed more than a quarter of a million pounds following a diet inspired by the ancient Hebrew scripture, according to Time magazine’s health blog.
Congregants at the nearly 20,000-member Saddleback Church have dropped 260,000 pounds with the help of the so-called Daniel Plan, which allows users to “start glorifying God — with your body.”
Developed with the help of medical professionals — including a guy whose name is allegedly Dr. Daniel Amen — the plan is not just a diet, but “a lifestyle based on the biblical story of Daniel, who forsook the king’s rich food in order to honor God’s best for him and his friends.”
The king in question was Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian tyrant who invaded ancient Israel and sent the Jews — including Daniel — into exile. Brought into Nebuchadnezzar’s palace, Daniel adopted a new name in the king’s language, Time explains, but “refused the royal food and wine, choosing instead a diet of legumes (literally ‘seeds’) and water.”
Members of the Saddleback Church – actually a network of prayer houses at 10 locations — have taken this to mean that they should abstain from highly caloric, fattening foods. Time writer Elizabeth Dias argues that this is something of a misinterpretation, saying that rather than being about Daniel’s body, his diet was a symbol of his loyalty to God, rather than to his new king.
Be that as it may — and Lord knows people usually interpret the Bible in exactly the same way — it’s inspiring that an old Jewish text could help so many people get healthier.
According to our rough calculations — using the average weight of US citizens — the Saddleback Church has lost the equivalent poundage of 1,452 churchgoers since the Daniel Plan began.

Back On Track!

I did  a little experiment over the past two days, I wanted to see if my traffic would skyrocket if I went into celebrity  and entertainment type blogging...well, it did! I got more viewers, my pageviews actually doubled, my ranking on Alexa improved, but anytime I looked at my blog it did not exactly feel like mine... felt like I was trying to be someone else, so the experiment is over jare,  this is me reclaiming my blog and speaking from the heart.
Will still talk News and Entertainment, but ONLY when it is absolutely relevant to whatever topic I am Ranting and Raving about.
So, this morning I woke up a lot earlier than usual, and I am trying to retrace my steps in a lot of ways, focus on those things that are truly important to me, write on People's values and Their thoughts from various angles, give more travel stories and vacation tips (when and if I have the time)
Will figure it out as we go along sha, truth is those celeb stories where soooooo easy to give o!

I  will try to keep you entertained and informed, but this time will stick to doing it my way.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Don't Want To Be Forever Young!

Unlike Jay Z and Mr Hudson, I have no intention of being Forever Young, I just want to age gracefully and enjoy each stage life brings my way. But I would be lying if I told you that the list below did not freak me out a bit.
A friend of mine sent me this list via BB and I quickly forwarded it to all my friends, just so they feel as old as I felt. LOL

The expression 'Time flies' became a reality with these;
My kid sister just got into the university and in my head she is only ten years old!
Some fresh kid I met recently was declaring love, thinking that we were age mates, the little boy was prolly writing his JSCE when I was writing my final year project!
I wonder how many people will appreciate or even understand the pictures on this post ?

Things that Make You Feel Old
1. Windows XP was released TEN years ago, in 2001.

2. The “new” Millennium is more than a decade old.

3. Pierce Brosnan last acted as James Bond 9 years ago.

4. It’s been 10 years since 9/11

5. The Matrix came out 12 years ago, Keanu Reeves is 46 today

6. Mother Theresa and Princess Diana have been dead for 14 years.

7. Macaulay Culkin is 30 today. “Home Alone” came out over 20 years ago.

8. Terminator 2 is 20 years old. Edward Furlong who portrayed kid John Connor
is 33 now.

9. Sean Connery is 80 years old and retired.

10.The youngest Spice Girl is 35, the oldest Backstreet Boy 39, Gwen Stefani
is 41, Madonna 52

Amanda Bynes Tweet to Obama

"Hey @BarackObama... I don't drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don't hit and run. The end"
That was  former Nickolodeon kid star,Amanda Bynes tweet to President Obama after she was accosted for a DUI (Driving under the influence)
Are these Hollywood kids for real?
Lifeline Live reports it HERE

Miley Cyrus Engaged to Liam Hemsworth

Talk about cutie fiesta! former  Disney darling Miley Cyrus,19 is engaged to Hunger Games cutie Liam Hemsworth, 22.

They are both young and, adorable and I really think they should make it a long engagement to be certain (Just Saying)
No date has been set yet though.
The Hunger Games actor proposed to the former Disney princess on May 31 with a 3.5-carat diamond ring from jeweller Neil Lane.
Miley, 19, told People magazine: 'I'm so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam.'
Like most stars the sparks started flying onset when they both starred in 2009 movie The Last Song.


Lindsay Lohan As Liz Taylor

I really hope this serves as a comeback for her, she is too good an actress to let the drugs hold her back.
According to a Lifetime source, the photo was shot last week at Lifetime studios and they went with black and white to portray the couple in a "classic" look.
Safe to say they succeeded, no?
Producer Larry Thompson said their chemistry "exploded" in early screen tests, which you can sort of see in the first shot of Bowler as Richard Burton.
There will be "as much sex as Lifetime will allow" between the pair, whose 18-year age difference mirrors that of Liz and Dick, who were married (twice).
Incidentally, the very first scenes were shot Monday morning starting around 9:30 a.m., featuring Liz and Dick on a yacht (docked at Marina del Rey

Read more HERE Godluck Lindsay, looking forward to the premier.

Dianah's Place: John Travolta Gay?

Dianah's Place: John Travolta Gay?: He's been accused of sexually assaulting male masseurs - but today John Travolta was heaped with fresh embarrassment after photos surfac...

From Me To You

I wonder if anyone still writes letter? Well, I just did. Good thing with typing everything these days is you dont have to worry about your handwriting, only typos.

John Travolta Gay?

He's been accused of sexually assaulting male masseurs - but today John Travolta was heaped with fresh embarrassment after photos surfaced of him cross-dressing.The Pulp Fiction star appears in full drag - and the pictures, published in this National Enquirer, are allegedly not for a film role.
In the snaps, the 58-year-old actor is wearing a white dress, brown belt, fur stole, earrings and a necklace.
A bra is even visible beneath the knit frock.
He also wears a face full of makeup, including thick black eyeliner and pearly pink lipstick as well as a blonde wig pulled back into a ponytail.
The photos were obtained by The National Enquirer from a party in Los Angeles that John attended in 1997, just six years after marrying Kelly Preston.

In another bitter twist of fate, the magazine claims that his wife of over twenty years has left him in the wake of his cross-dressing scandal.

A 'friend' of the actress' says: 'Kelly told me their marriage is over and made it clear that she's no longer living in the family home.
'She's put up with John's double life for decades while his behaviour remained in the shadows.
'But all this coming out in public has humiliated her. Kelly is absolutely destroyed.'
No doubt his children, Ella, 12, and Benjamin, 18 months, will be affected by this recent scandal.
John is certainly no stranger to dressing up in drag.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dianah's Place: NOW THAT’S A MIRACLE!

Dianah's Place: NOW THAT’S A MIRACLE!: I think happiness does not just happen, you have to make it happen. It is one of those decisions you have to consciously make. Like decidi...

Dianah's Place: Dana Crash: Adieu Aunty X

Dianah's Place: Dana Crash: Adieu Aunty X: This was sent in by one of my readers and I have her permission to share as long as I kept their real names out of it, so here it is: ...

Saudi Princess Maha al-Sudani caught leaving hotel in Paris without paying bill

This was just hillarious! How do you sneak out of a hotel with an entourage of 60!hahahahahaha. Lwkmd
A Saudi Arabian princess was accosted while trying to escape from Shangri-La Hotel in Paris. She intended to slip quietly away, without having to pay the room bill worth 7.7 million U.S. dollars after months of staying there with her entourage of 60 people. French police said it was Saturday (2/6), confirming a report in the daily Le Parisien.
Maha al-Sudani, the name of the princess, is the former wife of Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Prince Nayef bin Abdel Aziz. The woman tried to escape on at 03.30 on Thursday. However, the number of aides who reached 60 people, along with a mountain of luggage, of course, her efforts attracted the attention of hotel staff. They even called the police, reported the daily Le Parisien.
The Princess intention eventually foundered. She and her entourage were stopped when the luggages were being put into a limousine. Most of the members of her entourage were detained on the spot, will be prosecuted and will probably be behind bars. However, because the princess has diplomatic immunity, police can not arrest or even sue.
French authorities can only approach the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in order to get their help. Meanwhile, the princess and a small group of soldiers who became aides have been offered a refuge, which is in another luxury hotel, the Royal Monceau, near the Champs-Elysees.
According to Mail Online, a five star hotel that belongs to ‘a family friend’, the Emir of Qatar. Emir’s daughter has offered her hotel while this case is being resolved. Maha al-Sudani and her  entourage arrived in Paris on December 23 last year and ordered a floor with a total of 41 rooms at the Shangri-La.

Culled from Digital Journal

Musings Of An Angry Blogger...Okay, Not So Angry

Why is it so difficult to get your friends to check out you blog, or follow you on twitter…and its so easy for these same friends to follow celebrities and people they might never meet.

Why is it such hard work for people to leave a comment on you blog posts and soooooo easy for them to send you a mail, or even call to tell you what they thought of what you wrote!
Why do I have more people I do not even know being so supportive about my blogging while I literarily have to beg some friends to even stop for a second to open my blog link I send them on BB.

Just wondering O!

When The Wife Is Also The Mistress

  I have no idea how this works, but I think some men marry for stability, and get mistresses for the excitement. Typical of them to want it all, in one package WIFE! or in as many packages as they can afford (wife, secretary, mistress, and even the occasional unknown girl) So, genius that I am, I figured if we want our men to be faithful, we should try to be both wife (home maker, mother of his children, supporter etc) and his mistress(lover, confidante, seductress, etc) in other words, lets try and make them have a single, diamond studded, gold trimmed package.

I try to be as reasonable as the next person, and try even harder not to be biased about the differences between the male and female species, because as a friend of mine would say when we disagree over an issue, “men and women are wired differently”. Be that as it may, we have to reach a compromise so that our differences do not the destroy us, but rather make the relationship/marriage a successful and rewarding adventure.

There will be no relationship rules or guidelines in this piece, just the usual rant and rave based on observation, experience and some people’s reality.

PHCN Privatisation Still Being Deliberated, seriously?

Am I the only one who thinks this story is getting stale? Please privatise it already! Our only concern is that is does not get into the hands of some financial failures the same way  Nigerian Airways, NITEL/MTEL all did and now they are like some distant part of our past. And changing the name from NEPA did not do any magic, so please don't change the name only!We do not exactly have a backup for power (No, your generators and Inverters DONT count as national so, we need them to get it right!
For More, you can hit this link jare Privatisation . PHCN gist gives me a headache.

For the Bauchi Bomb Blast and Dana Victims:RIP

Dana Crash: Adieu Aunty X

This was sent in by one of my readers and I have her permission to share as long as I kept their real names out of it, so here it is:
“Who is picking aunty up from the airport?” I asked, briefly taking my eyes off the movie I was watching, I knew I could not drive as a result of a sprain I had, but despite my aunt’s meddlesome nature,I also knew we could not just leave her at the airport, tempting as the idea seemed.
Jay, she already called to say she was at the airport” I spoke specifically to the older of my brothers “knowing aunty and all her drama, this won’t be put to rest if she gets here in a cab o”
Jay stood up lazily and walked to the fridge to pour himself a glass of water, muttering something about all Nigerian airlines having delays and they would figure out who would go.
“Don’t look at me, I am not driving all the way to the airport only to have her complain that I am not respectful enough or ass kissing enough for her” retorted Ose, who was the youngest and a bit of a rebel, so it was no surprise that he always ended up having one fight or the other with Aunty.
Aunty X was not really our aunty, but our mum’s childhood friend who always seemed to be on our case as she had no children of her own, I guess she meant well most times though.

Just as we were still debating her pickup, she called :

Monday, 4 June 2012

Pictures from The crash Site

 Pictures from the crash site, President Jonathan Goodluck and the Governor of Lagos State B.R Fashola
                                             Rescue workers trying to salvage what they can.
I do hope we get to the root of this crash and corners are not cut to hide facts, we have had enough of planes falling from the skies. we need to get our act together!

Dianah's Place: Poetry

Dianah's Place: Poetry: I woke up with the thought ….. Of life and its uncertainties How weird is this? For us to judge without taking a closer look At our ve...

Their Last thoughts...

Still on the Dana air crash  and the Bauchi bomb blasts got some us thinking about those who might have missed the flight for one reason or the other yesterday. They must have been furious to hear the Dana staff say "you are late for your flight” or “we cannot sell you a ticket, we are fully booked”
Some people might have been upset, thrown a tantrum, swear and curse at the airline…I wonder what they must be thinking now.
As I sat down to have lunch at the office, I looked at the dailies in front of me and all I could think about were the people on board, What were their last thoughts?
...I tried to imagine the crew, realizing how futile all the airline training they got as regard emergency rescue were at this point.
...I tried to picture the captain realizing he had no control over the aircraft anymore.
...I visualized the parents with their kids, letting the kids realize for the first time that Daddy/Mummy could be just as scared as anyone else.
...I thought about the pastors on board, who probably preached about heaven just that morning, not knowing it was closer than he thought.
...What about the guy/girl who forced their way on the flight just so they could make it to work on Monday.

... those  in church, did they have regrets as the bomb went off, did they wonder why they came to church that morning

...Those who died at home, what could they possibly have thought? maybe they were watch TV, having a meal or just talking, how were they to know that you do not have to be in a flight to be victims of a plane crash.

I guess we will never know what their last thoughts were as they transited from this world, but I know one thing we can all pray for is that they find rest, and as we mourn the loss of these dear ones lets not lose focus on those who are alive. Let us show as much love and consideration as we can , because like I said before what counts is not how long we live but how well we lived.
Make Each Day Count For Good!

State of our Nation? I Pray Not!

I got this BB broadcast yesterday and sad to say this is how a lot of people feel. So is this now the state of our Nation?
"You travel  by road, A tanker goes up in flame and anything can happen air, plane sit in your house,the plane comes and meets you, you go to church boko haram will attack you,you go by sea,militants will attack,you finally run to ur village,you get kidnapped...! No safe place in naija.What A Life?"(More like What a Country!)

 May God grant comfort and consolation to the families of those who died in Bauchi and the Allied and Dana Crashes.
May the souls of the departed find eternal rest and may those of us who still have the grace to to be alive try to make each day count for good because at the end of the day what Counts is not how we die but how we live.

On The Rumour Of HID's Demise

Got caught in the madness of this yesterday as I actually heard it from a supposed journalist and even Wikipedia!only to eventually find out it was untrue.My apologies for the misleading Info. just goes to show I have to be more careful with what I post and verify authenticity. But seriously, who starts these death rumours on famous people?It is so sickening!
Definitely wish HID great health, as she is a living legend.
And many thanks to Dele Momodu for clearing the rumour, the nation had had enough bad news yesterday without losing the late Awolowo's "Jewel Of Inestimable Value"

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Dana Flight Manifest

Looking at the names on this manifest is like a major reality check for me, it is a sad day for our country and we really are in Mourning as a country.
 God bless the souls of these ones:

Onyeka Anyene; Hurria Lawal; Maimuna Anyene; Bakisumiadi Yindadi; Ebuka Enuma; Oluchi Onyeyiri; Sunday Enuma; George Moses; Ogechi Njoku; Noah Anyene; Kamsiyona Anyene; Stanford Obrutse; Kaiyenotochi Anyene; Okeke Hope; Rev. Ayodeji Cole; Ngozi Cole; Noah Anyene; Ailende Ehi; Oluwasegun Funmi Abiodun; and Shehu Sahad Usman, Alade Martins; Onita Jennifer (Mrs); Onita Josephine; Ike Ochonogo; Joy Alison; John Ahmadu; Akowe Fatokun Anjola; Fatokun Olaoluwa; Fatokun Ibukun; Buhari Maikudi; Amina Idris Bugaje; Ajani Adenle; IkeAbugu; Adijolola Abraham; Obot Emmanuel; Otegbeye Hadiza; Ehioghae Sunny; Onwuriri Celestine; Abikalio Otatoru; Noris Kim; Eyo Bassey; Njoku Charles; Anibaba Tosin; Okocha Christopher; Sobowale Femi; and Phillip Chukwu Ebuka, Sparagano Lawrence; Somolu Oluwakemi; Ariyibi Temitope; Meche Eke; Ojugbana Amaka; Ojugbana Christopher; Buna Walter; Coker Olumide; Lilian Lass; Mutittir Itsifanus; Yusuf Alli; Lt. Col. Jumbo Ochigbo; Eribake Wale; Zhai Shuta; Wang Yu; P. Awani; O. Awani; N. Chidiac; Rijoel Dhose; Li Hizha; Apochi Godwin; Lang Yi; Yinusa Ahmed; Faysal Inusa; Mojekwu Adaobi; Ibrahim D; Bamaiyi Adamu; Ifekowa Jones; Peter Nosike; Anthony Nwaokocha; Mahmud Aliyu; Nnadi John; Akweze Elizabeth; Dorothy Adedunni; Echeidu Ibe; Maria Okulehi; Jennifer Ibe; Okoko junjip; Sarah Mshelia; Ahmed Mbana; Okonji Patrick; Oyosoro Rajuli; Oyosoro Ugbabio; Kaikai Farida; David Kolawole Fortune; Eyinoluwa David Kolawole; Kaltum Abubakar; and Dakawa Mahmud. Patience Sunday Udoh; Asuquo Iniebong; Onemonelese Aimeihi; Onyeagocha Chidinma; Onyeagocha Ogechi; Ike Okoye; Amaka Raphael; Ijeoma Onyinjuke; Garba Abdul; Aisha Abdul; Benson Oluwayomi; Anthony7 Opara; Taiwo Lamidi; Awodogan Olusanmi; Obi Chinwe; Shaibu Memuna; Major I.G Mohammed; Nagidi Ibrahim; Attah Anthonia; Shaibu Sam; Ifeanyi Orakwe; Obinna Akubueze; Li Rui; Xie Zhenfeng; Oko Eseoghene; Chukwuemeka Okere; Adetunbi Adebiyi; Ibrahim Mantakari; Was Ruth; Wasa Awiyetu; Ojukwu Alvana; Lawal Anakobe; Nabil Garba; Mohammed Falmata; Ibrahim Jangana; Okikiolu Olukayode; Komolafe Olugbenga; Dike Chinwe; Dike Chike Ezugo; Olusola Arokoyo; Adetola Ayoola; Akinola Olumodeji; Olukoya Banji Saka Otaru; Adeleke Oluwadamilare; Yusuf Ibrahim; Ikpohi Obiola; Aikhomu Ehimen; Levi Ajuonuma; Mbong Eventus.

Breaking News:Dana Plane Crashes In Lagos!

Too many sad news today in Nigeria.
First the bomb blasts in Bauchi State and now a Plane Crash in Lagos. We really should say a prayer for this Nation, and lets pray there are survivors out of the 153 People on board the flight.

Will keep you updated.

NCAA has confirmed that there are no survivors. God rest their souls.

This is a quote from Reuter
" Air crashes are not uncommon in Nigeria, Africa's second biggest economy, which has a poor Airline safety record"

Sad isn't it? But can you blame them for reporting such? In just twenty four hours we had the crash of Allied Cargo in Accra and now this Dana in Lagos.
This Just took me back to when I was a Cabin Crew with Bellview, was fortunate not to have been on board the aircraft in 2005.

Proudly Christian!

I love TV alot, I even declared being a TV addict playfully HERE, I am not going to pretend like I always watch TBN cos that would be like me saying I always watch CNN, Lie!Well, I woke up this morning and was thinking how little I do to declare whose side I am on, I make subtle refences now and then on my blog about the being morally upright, but its so subtle that some people might fail to even see it.
Sometimes I actually think if I make the post too Christian people might not read it or even think it is boring, well I think I have underestimated my readers, because my blog posts with sound moral values eg NO GREY AREAS seem to have gotten more viewers and comments than most of the fun and playful posts I have written!
Final analysis, there are many closeted Christians! By closted christians I mean people who know what is right, even do what is right but fail to say so, or publicly declare their moral values and beliefs because they are worried of what poeople will say. No one wants to be called a goody tow shoe I guess.
I used to be one of such, No More! from today I chose to declare that I am #ProudlyChristian!
God has been too good to me, I need people to know that, so every sunday I will have a post henceforth declaring that.
Its a new week, a new month and I have started a lot of things mentally, just waiting to see them come to reality, and I am making God a part of it all the way.
I would advice you do same,  Lets take a stand for  God and lets watch how He makes everything else fall in line to work in our favour.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Mr Universe Nigeria

Got VIP passes and just the right outfit.
Hunky Contestants Ember Creek here I come!

Mubarak Sentenced!

I just loooooove the way this year has been going with all these vile politicians/leaders getting what they deserve.
First Ibori, then Charles Taylor and now Mubarak.
Maybe there is hope for the dark continent afterall.

Viva Africa!

Whats with "Bath Salts" being hard drugs?

When I heard about "bath salts" being hard drugs, I was shocked and thought it was the usual bath salt we all know as been therapeutic, well.. apparently not the same. Bath salt is a new type of illicit drug which seems to have drastic effect that makes Cocaine, heroine and the others seem like candy!
It is widely speculated at the moment to be the cause of the canibalistic act of the guy who ate someone's face! if you missed that story see HERE

Below is a Report from Yahoo Health, By Lisa Collier Cool:

The New LSD, But More Dangerous

Banned in several states, bath salts contain amphetamine-like chemicals that have uniquely hazardous effects on the brain. “If you take the worst attributes of meth, coke, PCP, LSD and Ecstasy and put them together, that’s what we’re seeing sometimes,” Mark Ryan, director of the Louisiana Poison Center, told The New York Times.

The synthetic, designer drug is deemed an “imminent threat to public safety” by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). While bath salts themselves are not yet illegal on the federal level, the DEA issued a one-year ban on possession and sale of the three main ingredients—mephedrone, MDPV (methylenedioxypyrovalerone), and methylone—on October 11, 2011.

Why Are They Called “Bath Salts”?

This toxic cocktail of stimulant chemicals—which can be swallowed, snorted, or injected—has nothing in common with the harmless bath salts used to make tub water smell good, such as Epsom salts.
Instead, “bath salts” is a name used to market the drug in tobacco and drug paraphernalia shops, with labels reading, “not for human consumption,” in a bid to avoid a ban on its sale. Also sold on the street, bath salts fall into the same DEA classification as amphetamines, mescaline, and ephedrine.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Don't Know If I Still Want To Swim!

This grossed me out, cos even though I cant swim to save my life, I still love being in the pool, and its no fun swimming in someones pee! and all the other murky stuff we all assumed the chlorine would take care of...well, the chlorine is not as awesome as we all thought!
Read this:
If you're taking a refreshing dip in a pool with four other people, odds are one of you is urinating. This is not gross-out myth, but cold, depressing fact from a recent survey conducted by the Water Quality & Health Council, a scientific research group sponsored by the American Chemistry Council.
The survey, conducted in April, asked nearly 1,000 adults whether they urinate in pools. One in five bravely admitted their mistakes. And those are the ones who admitted it.
Building's amazing balcony poolsWe may act like potty-trained adults on land, but something about a body of water, even a small one, opens our natural floodgates and, according to doctors, puts us all at risk.
"No matter how easy it is to pee anonymously in the pool, swimmers should avoid doing so," says public health expert and WQHC chairman, Dr. Chris Wiant.
It is easy isn't it? Maybe that's because many of us were taught as kids that chlorine counteracted any accidents. Technically, that's mostly true. If pool operators maintain proper chlorine and pH levels, most waterborne germs are killed on contact.
But 54 percent of public pools tested by the WQHC last year failed to provide the proper chlorine levels and 47 got low marks for pH balance. You can blame poor pool maintenance, but frequent urinators don't help.

"Anything foreign that gets in the pool consumes disinfectant and makes the pool less capable of catching the next bug," Dr. Wiant tells Yahoo! Shine. So while chlorine is working overtime to clean up someone's mess, it's weakened by the time more serious bacteria dives in.
That comes from the germs we carry on our body even before we get into to the water. While only one in five of us cop to peeing in the pool, seven in 10 say they don't shower before they swim. As much as a cold pre-swim shower ruins that first dip feeling, Wiant makes a good case for why it's crucial.
(You may want to stop eating lunch right now, before reading on.)

Flights From Hell — A fun flying blog with airline travel stories

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If you love travelling like I do, you should read some of my rants on travels like  Gambia and Wanderlust , after reading those you will be able to appreciate  why I found this website  as intriguing as I did.
The website has tales from Pilots, passengers, Cabin crew et al, and some of the stories are hilarious, ridiculous and borderline offensive.
I had better make some serious money soon o, because my list of countries and cities I would love to visit keeps getting longer by the day.
And we all know vacations don’t come cheap!

Kosi Akilo Found At Last!

Kosi Akilo has been found!

I Love the fact that my first post for the month of June is something positive, Hmmm,  thinking I should do this henceforth, first post of the week and first post of the month, strictly good news!
I am so excited you would think she was my kid. lol
For Those of you who do not know about the missing kid, read HERE
To all those who mentioned and broadcasted this, I figured you should know this. Super excited for the family and pray she was not and is not in anyway traumatized by the incident.
Glad I was a part of the whole campaign to get her home to her folks, It always feel great fighting a worthy cause and get result.
Most importantly, it is good to know God heard our prayers to have her united with her folks.