Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Gorgeous Sofia Vergara set to Celebrate her 40th Birthday in Mexico

I became a fan of the gorgeous Sofia Vergara the first time I heard her speak. Seriously, what is there not to like?she is gorgeous, funny, and an amazing actress and that overpowering accent of hers never fails to catch my attention. She will be 40 on the 10th of july, and has jetted off to Mexico with her boyfriend, Nick Loeb to celebrate. Guess we will know how that turns out in a couple of days.

NASA Releases a Spectacular Picture of Mars.

For those of you interested in outer space, this might interest you. Personally, I have no interest whatsoever in exploring outer space, but of course seeing the pictures is kinda cool.
A friend of mine in the states pointed out that it looks like Utah, and really from the pictures I have seen of Utah, I will have to agree.
Maybe they will discover some green, bug eyed aliens soon.#JustSaying

Member of Parliament pulls gun on crit...

Welcome to Linda Ikeji's Blog: Incredible: Member of Parliament pulls gun on crit...: A member of Jordan's parliament pulled a gun on one of his critics during a heated debate on live TV. The MP was identified as Mohammed Sha...

Kim K's ex husband Kris Humphries' ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj is pregnant with his child!

Kim K's ex husband Kris Humphries' ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj is pregnant with his child!

Five policemen Raped, Tortured Nigerian Female Poly...

TrendySturvs Blog!: Five policemen Raped, Tortured Nigeria Female Poly...: A student at Lagos State Polytechnic, Shakirat Dupe Olanrewaju has collapsed inside a police cell at Pako Station, Safejo area of Amukok...

WARNING! Don’t Read This If….

WARNING! Don’t Read This If….

Meet Dr.Susan Boyle , yeah you heard me.

The 51 year old break out star of 2009 Britain's Got Talent just keeps winning! She received an honorary doctorate degree from Queen Margaret University in Scotland. The star who suffered from cognitive disorders is said to worth about 10million pounds, and of course will be making more in the'I dreamed a dream' musical which is a story of her rise to fame and she will be starring in. good luck miss Boyle, like I always tell people,I love a good success story.

Andy Murray, First British Man on The Clay in Wimbledon in 74Years!

Well, you can understand the joy and excitement he is feeling. Can't wait to see what happens in Wimbledon, let's see if Federer has a lesson or two to teach him today.

Justin Bieber Issued a Speed Ticket...In this Car, What Do You Expect. Lol

I know speeding is not something to joke about, as you could endanger not just yourself but others, but damn! I think the chrome coloured car makes its own rule.
All week, there has been rumours everywhere about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez breaking up, well that has been laid to rest for now as 'the Biebs' has be slapped a speed ticket while driving his chrome coloured ,$100,000 dollar ride.
Not shocking to me, you put a teenage superstar in a high powered car in a country with good roads, of course he will want to impress his 'beliebers'
Well, Justin we don't want to see another picture of you and cops. #JustSaying.

Britain's Busiest Mum: 11 Children, 8 Miscarriages and Still Pregnant!

Meet the Sullivans! Tania and Michael Sullivan have 11 kids, an expecting their 12th in a few months. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Tania has been pregnant.....wait for it....20 times in 19 years! 11 births, 8 miscarriages and urgently pregnant. Amazingly, the family is not seeking support from the government, and I have to admit that they all look great, kinda like a warm and fuzzy family. Lets hope Tania is not planning to have kids till menopause as she is only 37.hmmmmm

Friday, 6 July 2012

Meet The Beckhams, Adorable is The Word!

I dont have any juicy story to add to this picture, I think the family looks simply amazing, and that is worth a thousand words. Makes me feel tempted to have four kids..Lol

Repairs On Third Mainland Bridge Begins This Weekend


Repairs on Third Mainland Bridge which was suspended by the Lagos state government will be restarting according to the Minister of State for Works, Bashir Yuguda.
Yuguda speaking in Lagos on Friday, said that diversion of traffic to allow for the repairs on the bridge will commence on Sunday, July 8, 2012.
Residents had been concerned following the much touted repairs of the bridge fearing it would breed more traffic congestion in the state. To that, the Lagos state governor had said on June 25 that the bridge would not be closed totally.

Senior Citizens Reportedly Abused In Nursing Homes

This sent shivers down my spine. Who abuses old people, some even senile and barely there? On second thought, with so much perversion going on and people abusing toddlers I guess it probably isn't as shocking as it should be.
THE STAR ,a Canadian online magazine reports that Seniors in Ontario nursing homes are being beaten, neglected and even raped by the people hired to care for them, a Star investigation has found.
In one case, a helpless 71-year-old Toronto woman with advanced dementia was raped in her bed, allegedly by a male nurse identified months earlier by other staff at the home as someone who regularly disappeared on shift “without explanation.”
A staff member discovered the male nurse in Danae Chambers’ room in the middle of the night. Chambers, a renowned portrait artist, lay sideways on her bed and the male nurse, pants dropped to his knees, stood against her bare buttocks, according to a provincial inspection report.
“I trusted them to take care of her,” said Chambers’ close friend and guardian, Anna Schrofer. “I tried so hard to find the right home for her and everyone said this was the best.”
In another case, this one in a North York nursing home, a staff member first physically assaulted a resident, then warned a witness “not to tell anyone,” a provincial inspector found. Two staff members who were aware of the abuse didn’t report it.

Love Does not make you Stupid!

I hate it when people make it sound like being in love is an excuse to be dumb, no it isn't. It might make you go out of your way sometimes, but you eally can not blame your wrong decisions on Love.
I was reading some sleezy tale about some guy who gave his girlfriend a hand in commiting a murder, and his excuse was that he loved her and would do anything for her, seriously?Sounds more like lust or obsession to me.
I am only sharing this picture cos I find it a bit funny, I really do not believe we lose our senses because we are in love.
Love is a beautiful thing, it might make you more tolerant, more willing to forgive, more generous and patient, but it does NOT make you lose your senses.

Feisty Katie Holmes!

Katie Holmes

Never seen this feisty side of Katie Holmes before, hmmmmm , people always seem to want to prove a point when getting a divorce.

Misdiagnosis:This Child Was Being Treated For Tonsilitis When He Needed a Heart Transplant!

I got a bit misty eyed when I read this because it reminded me of a mis diagnosis done on my kid brother, which led to him being bed ridden, and eventually his death. If you missed my story, see HERE.I am not one to sit down and point fingers, but when you lose a loved one due to another's negligence it hurts and takes a lot to forgive, we have moved on, but the sight of this child on life support, sure brings back sad memories. Read below as reported by DAILY MAIL
Waiting for a transplant: Harry is struggling to survive at the Evelina Hospital in London

A couple have accused medics of diagnosing their critically ill 22-month-old son with tonsillitis - when he actually needs a heart transplant to keep him alive.
Sean and Lisa Robb said they rushed their son Harry to a minor injuries unit in Ipswich, Suffolk, after he developed severe breathing problems on June 3.

But he was sent home with penicillin after doctors wrongly diagnosed him with tonsillitis. His condition worsened during the day and his frantic parents called an ambulance
Harry was rushed to Ipswich hospital where he continued to deteriorate and two days later he was sent to the Evelina Hospital in London.
There medics told Sean and Lisa were told their son had dilated cardiomyopathy and that his organ was operating at just 17 per cent of its normal function. The condition means he desperately needs a heart transplant.
Mr Robb said: 'It is devastating. He was critically ill and they (Riverside Clinic) sent us away telling us he had tonsillitis"

Arsenal v Super Eagle Pre-season's Game Postponed

Last week, or maybe two weeks ago I made some excited noise about Arsenal coming to play with the Super Eagles, but even as I blogged it, a part of me kept wondering if this was not going to be anothe Miss World situation (You all recall how after Agabni won, we were supposed to host but did not because of our usual Naija wahala) Anyway, I had the thought but did not dare say it for fear of jinxing it, but now it is official an I dont feel guilty about
Below is what Arsenal is saying, but I believe it has to do with Nigeria being unstable with security issues here and there, guess they probably dont want to just come out and say "We are not coming to your Country because of Boko haram"
Arsenal marketing director Angus Kinnear said: “Bringing a top-level club to an international market is always complicated and logistically challenging. With the proposed match in Nigeria planned for early August, we could not get comfortable on everything needed to satisfy our requirements, so we have reluctantly taken the decision to postpone the team’s visit.”
Kinnear continued: “We have a huge and loyal following in Africa, and we are sorry that the team will not be visiting this summer. However, we have a long-term commitment to Nigeria and we are already making plans for a visit next summer.

“In addition, we also have some exciting forthcoming activities planned with our commercial partners in Nigeria – Emirates, Airtel and Malta Guinness, which will kick off in the next few weeks

NUC Suspends Licences Of 7 Private Universities

The body regulating the activities of tertiary institutions in Nigeria, the National Universities Commission (NUC), has suspended the operational licences of seven private universities for allegedly violating its guidelines in physical facilities and academic programmes.
Lead City, Caritas, Joseph Ayo Babalola, Tansian, Madonna, Achievers and Obong are the affected institutions.
The Director of Press and Public Relations of NUC, Mallam Ibrahim Yakassai, confirmed this in a telephone interview with a national daily.

Flood Nightmare in Borno State, Washes over 500 Corpses From Graves!

This sounded like a reenactment of some horror movie! yeah it breaks my heart to hear of people being displaced and homeless, but it spooks me even more to hear of dead bodies floating all over the place!I got this from the DAILYPOST
Over 10,000 residents, were Sacked with property worth millions of naira were on Wednesday destroyed in Maiduguri, Borno State capital following a heavy downpour that started from Wednesday evening till the early hours of Thursday.
Dailypost learnt that in Jajeri Moslem Cemetery in Maiduguri and Jere Council Area, over 500 dead bodies were washed up from their graves. A 10-year-old, who was buried two days ago, was also washed up.
The rainfall was said to be the heaviest in the state since the commencement of the rainy season.
Areas which were affected are: Bullumkutu, Ajillari, Jajeri, London Ciki, Polo, Bolori, Ummarari, Maduganari, Gomari Airport, Gwange and Mary wards of the metropolis. Most of the residents in these areas had to stay indoors. Others were seen evacuating their property and laying the items under the sun and on trees to dry.
Mallam Bukar Maina, a resident, said the affected people have planned to SOS to Governor Shettima to come to their aid.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Who Warms The Sun?

My morning ritual, asides the morning devotion and sit ups comprises also of viewing channel 113 on DSTV, this morning while getting dressed for work, the sitcom JUST SHOOT ME was on air, and one of the characters, Nina Vanhorn, actually asked the question ''who warms the sun ?''In the sitcom, it was supposed to be funny and silly, but what she meant was who comforts the comforter? Who confesses the priest? Who acts as shrink to the shrink? Who stands for those who always stand for others? There and then I decided to share this piece.
Our minds can be one tracked sometimes, we have friends or people in our lives who just seem to be such 'rocks' and we take them for granted time and time again, not bothering if they have problems of their own, or if they hurt sometimes as well. It is quite easy to take advantage (not deliberately) of those people who are strong, always seem to have a solution, or a listening ear, a kind word, a shoulder to cry on and always ready to help. Why? Because if not controlled or put in check, people are basically self centred! It might sound like a horrible thing to say, but if you think carefully, you will see that I am right.
I recall a conversation I had a few months ago with a close friend of mine, I was really down and wanted to talk to someone, I called and as soon as the pleasantries ended, she berated me with her own problems, I had to stop her at some point, and my words were these:
"sweety, if I wanted to hear your problems, I wouldn't call you"

Picture of The Day

Dont worry your little head darling, they dont make them with

Fireworks in DC as America Celebrates 236yrs of Independence-4th of July

I am not an American yet I feel the excitement every year they celebrate their independence. The fireworks, the way everyone is excited and also a bit competitive , trying to outshine each other in the grandness of the celebrations,the heartfelt way people have fun and celebrates tells you it is more than just a celebration of independence , but also a way of continuously celebrating their success as a powerful nation.
I hope some day October 1st in Nigeria becomes more to me than just a day I don't have to go to work, because seriously, that is the ONLY reason I look forward to it.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mariam Alooma Mukhtar Nominated for Chief Justice Of Nigeria

Indication has emerged that Nigeria may get its first female Chief Justice when the current occupant of the office, Justice Dahiru Musdapher, quits office on July 14, 2012.
It was learnt that the outgoing CJN may have recommended Mariam Alooma Mukhtar, a female, who is the most senior Justice of the Superme Court to succeed him. President Jonathan Goodluck is of same opinion too as he has nominated her, awaiting approval from the senate.
If eventually appointed, Mukhtar who hails from Kano State will be major boost for interests campaigning for women to occupy sensitive positions.
She recently rejected her nomination as the Chief Judge of The Gambia, perhaps in anticipation of her being made Nigeria’s first female CJN.
Mukhtar is the first female Justice of the Supreme Court. She was born in 1944 and was called to the Nigerian Bar on June 26, 1967.
Her profile on the website of the Supreme Court also reads, “She was called to the English Bar in 1966 and later called to the Nigerian Bar in June 1967.

I Am A 'Watchaholic', Sue Me!

Wetin sef? I don’t do booze, club, or party, hell! I don’t even particularly like shopping, boring life to some, and perfect life for me, so if I chose to have one vanity, permit me.
My name is Dianah and I am a Watchaholic (hi Dianah).
Watchaholic- defined as someone who is nuts about wrist watches, might not notice your Hermes bag, your Manolos, nor your Vera Wang but will definitely notice what wristwatch you are wearing.

Now that we all get the picture, and I have exposed my insanity and vanity, we can get on with this piece.
I have a collection of 15 watches, (and trust me I have given out quite a number) but yet when I pass by a shop were watches are sold, I can’t help but stop and check them out. My latest obsession (yeah, u heard me) is a Patek Phillipe that cost 60,200 (wait for the bomb) dollars!

Okay, I know I can not afford it, an it woud be gross irresponsibilty to even think of buying it, but it doesn’t stop me from admiring it and checking it out on the website.

I can’t explain what it is with watches and me, but they are the one accessory I feel has to be just right. I remember how excited I was some years ago when I had my first Eco Drive watch, I kept quoting the slogan “it’s more than just a time piece, it’s a technology” I must have publicised the Eco Drive more than their marketers.

Another memorable watch story is my facebook win, I had just bumped into the WATCH GALLERIES page on facebook and saw a quiz, trust me to win it as long as the prize is a watch, and I have since become an advocate for WATCH GALLERIES, great stores, great stock. okay enough with the adverts!
The Patek Philippe reminds me of when I loved the Swatch so many years ago, but could not afford it….now as inexpensive as my only Swatch is, I would never give it out, because it brings back memories… hmmmm, a story for another day I guess.

Well, this post is not exactly supposed to be meaningful or make sense, but it’s just to let you know a bit about me that you did not know, I love watches and watches love me!
My Collection....well, some of them

10 Year Old Girl Delivers 2.5Kg Baby In Colombia

This news is actually two months old, but considering I only just heard it, its still fresh gist to me.How did this happen and who impregnated a ten year old girl, most likely a perv I guess.
Here is the story:
Another young mother was added to the list of ‘youngest mothers in the world’ when a 10-year-old girl from Colombia gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Friday.
The girl, whose name is yet to be released due to privacy reasons, is from Manaure, a town in the Colombian Department of La Guajira, which is comprised of various indigenous tribes.
Sources say, the girl who never visited a doctor all through the 39weeks of pregnancy, arrived the hospital, bleeding heavily and screaming from contraction pain.
She narrowly escaped death as the doctors delivered her 5-pound, 5-ounce baby via caesarean section.
One of the doctors, Dr. Fabio Gonzalez said the girl did not understand what was going on. Apparently, she was too young to understand the whole process. “We carried out the risky C-section because of her age….We hope there aren’t anymore like cases,” he said.
The mum and baby, which weighed just 5lbs, are “doing well” but reports say the young mum is refusing to breastfeed her baby.
So far, it is unclear how the girl got pregnant or who the father is, as the case is being investigated by police. However, Colombian newspapers have speculated it is a 15-year-old boy or a 30-year-old man.

The young mother is not the first pre-teen to give birth. Late last year, a ten-year-old Mexican girl gave birth to a baby boy. And in August 2010, an 11-year-old Mexican girl had a child after being denied an abortion by the local justice department.

Meet Doug, Brad Pitt's Younger Bro.

The superstar's younger brother, Doug Pitt, has landed an endorsement deal, and his first commercial is pretty funny.

7 Month Old Baby Rescued from Kidnappers By The Police

Kidnapping The Delta State Police Command has recovered a seven-month-old baby, three days after the child was stolen from his parents.The missing child was found at Agbor in Ika South Local Government Area of the state.
The command’s Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Charles Muka, who briefed newsmen on Tuesday in Asaba, said the police had arrested five suspects in connection with the incident.
Muka said the child was forcefully taken from his mother, Mrs Linda Madaka, on July 1, during a burial ceremony at about 11 p.m. at Umunede in Ika North East LGA.
He said that the suspects, including 52-year-old Chuks Elue and his wife, and one Mrs Patience Chukwuemeka, 40, confessed their involvement in the crime.
“Detectives based on information trailed the suspects to No. 69 Olo Street, Umunede, where one Colins Osekihe, 24, was arrested and he implicated one Chuks Elue, a father of 14.
“The two suspects led the detectives to Agbor where the child was recovered in good health from one Patience Chukwuemeka, a mother of seven children on Tuesday.
“Also arrested in connection with the case include Chuks Okwudili, male, 18, and Uche Anyasi, male, 16,’’ Muka said.
Muka said the suspects confessed that they had bargained to sell the child to Patience Chukwuemeka for N250,000.
He said that efforts were on to arrest other fleeing suspects, adding that the suspects would soon face the full wrath of the law.
Muka, however, warned parents and guardians to diligently secure their children and wards from syndicates, stealing children. (NAN)

Culled from the VANGUARD

My Mystery Caller

My Mystery Caller: So I have been getting calls from some guy, who mistakenly called me last week, and I told him he had dialed the wrong person, he called ba...

BBA Winner, Karen Igho Now Radio Presenter

I was not a huge fan of Karen's initially on Big brother, but as annoying as she was with her "in your face" attitude her 'realness' (yeah, I know that is not a word) kinda warmed my heart and I found myself rooting for her.
I was reading her tweets over the weekend and that confirmed this news, but going by the tweets she is starting off on the graveyard shift, I guess they want to test her with it before giving her a shift that has more audience. Something tells me she will do well, she has got drive, not afraid to say it like it is and has garnered quite a number of followers already.So tune in to Naija FM 102.7  for the show Wetin Dey every day of the week from 10 PM – 1 AM.

“You know I’m not a presenter but I’m going to do my best. I’m also going to put in my 100% for people to enjoy and l hope listeners would enjoy the show!’’.Thats what she says, but I say
You go girl! I love success stories.

Nigerian Business Men In Ghana Complain Of Being Kicked Out Of Business By Ghanaian Govt

I read this in the VANGUARD a few minutes ago, and all I could say was HELL NO! See Ghana O, our smally is actually trying to turn the table on us, they are trying to re-enact Ghana Must Go! in reverse. Are they kidding? Nigeria might be corrupt and have alot of crap going on, but Ghana dare not mess with us! South Africa tried that and we showed them who was the boss, now little Ghana!Nigerian businessmen operating in Ghana yesterday cried out to the Nigerian government to come to their rescue as Ghanaian authorities have commenced closing their shops for allegedly operating illegally.
The Nigerian traders said their shops were closed because they were said not to comply with the government policy which requires them to have an initial capital of $300,000 and employ 10 Ghanaians before they can start any business in Ghana regardless of the size of the business.
One of the affected Nigerians, Mr Ndukaku Mbanefo, who spoke to Vanguard on phone from Ghana said the Ghanaian authorities started closing shops belonging to Nigerians yesterday in Accra, the Ghanaian capital and vowed that the operation will be nationwide.
According to him, “the authorities in Ghana yesterday closed more than 40 shops belonging to Nigerians and they are still closing more. They closed our shops because they said we did not comply with the government policy that requires every foreigner who wants to start business in Ghana to have an initial capital of $300, 000 and must employ 10 Ghanaians to work with him regardless of the size of the business. Even if it is just a small restaurant or a barber shop you must employ 10 Ghanaians and show evidence that you have $300,000 before you can start.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Andy Griffith 'Matlock' Dies at Age 86

I feel the grief personally because I was literarily in love with Matlock as a kid. I wanted to be a lawyer and a detective because of this man. I felt like I knew him.
He passed away this morning at 7am and has been laid to rest in his beloved Roanoke Island. Rest in peace Matlock, you were a fond part of my childhood memories.

'Baby Factory' Uncovered In Rivers State

I was reading the papers while having lunch at work, and I saw this in the Vanguard. Just when you think you have seen or heard it all, something always pops out from the wood works that has you second guessing your sanity.We live in such perverse and ridiculous times that the strangest things, the most bizarre of our imaginations seem to be normal in these times.
This is how Jimitota Onoyume of the Vanguard reports it:
POLICE in Rivers State have smashed a syndicate, that specialised in selling new babies. Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr Ben Ugwuegbulam, who confirmed the development to Vanguard, said the Police arrested a husband and his wife involved in the illicit trade.
He said the two specialised in kidnapping girls and arranging for them to get pregnant, while they would hide the pregnant girls in their custody until they delivered.
Ugwuegbulam said the suspects confessed that as soon as the girls deliver, they would sell the babies. He said: “Rivers State Police Command had arrested one Chigozie John and his wife, Akwarama and rescued three pregnant women held as captives in the suspects place or residence somewhere in Akpajo.
“On interrogation, the husband and wife confessed to the offence of trafficking in new babies and further admitted that the three pregnant women found in their house were procured to deliver babies that would be sold as soon as they were delivered of their babies.”
He added that investigation was on to unravel details of the operation of the suspects.

I am no lawyer, but in my head I have calculated about three criminal charges, Kidnap/abduction, rape and selling children. I do hope this is dealt with seriously.

NYSC, Really What Is The Point?

National Youth Service Corps members
Corps Members
I have been reading with a lot of reservations the news about Corps members being posted to crisis ridden northern states, and I can't help but wonder, is the government kidding? People graduate from their various universities after years of studies and financial sacrifices made to get a degree that and they get sent to die. Like seriously, who handles these postings? why are corps members still being sent to some states despite the obvious chaos caused by kidnappers, Boko haram and anything else we can dig up .

I really do not understand, parents have sent their kids off to serve this nation that does not even deserve it if you ask me, only for the corpses of their children be sent home to them!
I am from Edo state and was posted to serve in Imo state, nothing out of the ordinary, taught for one year and actually it was a fulfilling experience, but in that same serice year, we had to bury a corps member who hailed from Okigwe where I was serving but was serving in the north and was killed. I recall the gloomy atmosphere and the sadness, I recall looking at the parents in their shabby house and I pondered on how difficult it must have been for them financially to send their son to school, but they did because they wanted him to have a better life.
only for the son to be brought home in a casket!
Seriously, if the government can not guarantee the safety of corps members, (we already know they cant) why send them off to places they know nothing of and keep their family members worried for year?
To make matters worse, they want people to serve in Ministries, Local government secretariats etc
What a laugh! the staff of these places do next to nothing, and you are sending able bodied young men and women to go sit with them in those funny ministry environment, with stacks of dusty files as old as my parents, to do what?
This NYSC scheme needs to be re assessed, and the relevance made evident to us, because right now, it is beginning to look more like a death sentence! and just an avenue for those people making those horrible, substandard uniforms to keep making money.

PS: My NYSC crested vest was so crappy, it stretched to my knees before service year was over, and I am 5'11

Monday, 2 July 2012

What Every Woman Needs-By Zsa Zsa Gabor

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Every woman needs four animals in her life, a MINK in her closet, a TIGER in bed, a JAGUAR in her garage and an ASS to pay for them all- Zsa Zsa Gabor

Ouch!Not me quoting guys, I would love to hear what Y'all think

I Live In Lagos!

One Of the reasons I NEVER wanted to live in this crazyville
While deciding on a title for this piece, I was wondering if I should write it in caps, make it bold and put an exclamation mark behind it. I guess that is how Lagos makes you feel, it makes you feel the need to emphasize and shout! Sometimes in frustration (like on days when you are stuck in the usual traffic, and you probably lied to your boss that you were having lunch at sweet sensation beside the office, while you went to get some cheap purchase at Shoprite) and other times in excitement over some mad frenzy, which is quite often in this hyperville. I think I love this crazy jungle of a city almost as much as I hate it some times. Born in Lagos, grew up in the ancient city of Benin, worked in the FCT and yet Lagos as a current abode still gives me the feeling that I just haven’t seen anything, that I have not totally grasped the essence of Naija.
One Of the Reasons I LOVE living on the Island
From the slums to the highbrow neighbourhoods you can feel the excitement, Lagos as far as I am concerned is the only place in this country where each class has as much fun and excitement as the other, for everyone there is something to keep the excitement within your pocket range. The best part for me and my love/hate relationship with this city is the fact that it gives so much drive.As a young enterprising individual, you see lots of young people attain success with streetsmart/intelligence/hard work and it challenges you.
 In Abuja all I ever saw where rich politicians, (and we all know they don’t exactly do any work)
When I first moved in last year, I hated and still hate the distinction between the Island/mainland… those on the Island seem to be of the opinion that they are the crème de la crème of the society, which is a load of crap, as some people live in the crummiest places on the island just so they can act like they belong to the island “bigs boys/girls”.
 I live on the island, but trust me, It has more to do with convenience. It takes a ten minute drive to work each day instead of leaving home at 5am, that is what keeps me going each time I think of my outrageous rent, bottom line, I am no Island big babe! There are rich and people on the Island, just as there are on the mainland.
There is something about this town-that-never-sleeps which I find quite fascinating, it scares people from less crazy towns, who swear they could never possibly live in Lagos, and it intoxicates the Lagosians, who would not even give a second thought to relocating elsewhere.
My Hood!
Lagos the city which knows not night
The city which makes others tremble in fear and fascination
The city you hate to love and love to hate
Lagos the one city that has it all

I live in Lagos, and the truth is, hate it or love it, this is one place in Nigeria you just can’t ignore.
Eko o ni baje o!

Now This Is the Definition Of Showbiz Power Couple

I dont care what the tabloids are saying, Kim should be in this click. She fits in perfectly!

Kim k and Kanye already doing aso

And we thought all they had in common were those wicked

Whizkid Snags BET Award In Los Angeles

Last night I was talking with a couple of friends about the Nigerian Music industry and its pivotal growth, so you can imagine my excitement when I read this morning that our very own music artiste, Ayodeji Balogun popularly known as Wizkid has won an award as the Best International Act at the 2012 Black Entertainment Television (BET) awards held on Sunday night of July 1.
The show was held The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, USA. It was hosted by veteran Hollywood actor, Samuel L Jackson.

If you recall, 2Face and D'Banj jointly won the BET awards in 2011.
I hope our Nollywood improves enough to get some serious recognition internationally, and by recognition I mean beyond making one million movies in one year!

Spain Defeat Italy 4-0, Making them 3 Time Winners Straight!

Spanish players celebrate with the trophy after winning the Euro 2012 final match against Italy on Sunday at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev.
Victorious Spain After the match

Spain won its third straight major soccer title Sunday, routing Italy 4-0 in the European Championship final and making it look all too easy.

Repairs On 3rd Mainland Bridge Postponed

 The Third Mainland Bridge

With the rains this morning, and all weekend actually, Lagos state residents are heaving a sigh of relief as work on the 3rd mainland bridge has been suspended indefinitely.Maybe they should just wait till after the rains, because the rains and closure of third mainlad bridge! that sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Lagos Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Commission, Charles Akpabio, had said on Saturday that the Federal Government had postponed the repair work indefinitely.
He said the development was to allow government put more measures in place so ensure hitch free repair.
Sources within the state government told our correspondent that the inability of the state and federal governments to agree on some modalities was among the factors responsible for the postponement.
But the Commissioner for Transportation, Kayode Opeifa, said there was no cause for alarm.
He said, “The work will start in a matter of days.
“The postponement was at the instance of the Federal Controller of Works.
“The contractors are ready and the state government is fully prepared to ensure free flow of traffic while the repair lasted.”
The repairs on the bridge were earlier scheduled to commence on July 1 and end on November 6, 2012.

Fashion Face-Off: Jane Fonda v Elisabetta Canalis

Who wore it better? kinda weird but I actually love the way looks on the 74 year old Jane Fonda, than Elisabetta Canalis who is a model and former girlfriend of Alist actor, George Clooney. Way to go miss Fonda!Jane Fonda Elisabetta Canalis

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Who Warms The Sun?

Dianah's Place: Who Warms The Sun?: My morning ritual, asides the morning devotion and sit ups comprises also of viewing channel 113 on DSTV, this morning while getting dressed...

It's sooooo Inevitable.

Dianah's Place: It's sooooo Inevitable.: For my friend Ajiri Death and sadness are topics I shy away from in reality, but I love them when writing because they are so real, so dee...

How Una See am?

Dianah's Place: How Una See am?: I no understand why people dey get d wrong idea say I be ajebutter, weda na becos I sabi speak small oyinbo English. I be Edo girl o, and un...

Gangsta Kermit. Lol

Crazy how most of our childhood memories get distorted isn't it?

More Chaos in Damaturu,

Just when you think it is getting peaceful, something comes up. Damaturu, the Yobe state capital which was recently placed on a round the clock curfew is still in chaos. Residents are reporting that they are too terrified to leave their homes to even fInd out what is going on, as all they hear are explosions and gunshots.

Yesterday unknown gunmen, were said to have attacked the state capital, sending it into more panic, and of course Boko Haram is being fingered as suspects.