Friday, 7 September 2012

Obasanjo Not In Support Of 5,000 Naira Note

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo
You guys know what the best part for me in this report by the punch is?
The photo! 

It looks like Obasanjo is telling President Goodluck 'listen o, open ya ear wide and listen'.lol

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Thursday said the introduction of the N5,000 note would kill production and affect small businesses negatively.
Obasanjo, who spoke at a roundtable advocacy forum organised by the Institute of Directors, Nigeria, in Lagos, said the way the Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Lamido Sanusi, was fighting inflation by removing money from circulation was improper.
While speaking on the cost of doing business in the country, Obasanjo called on stakeholders and government agencies to rise up to the challenge.
He said some observers had suggested that the Vision 2020 blueprint was somewhat of an ambitious agenda, which was unrealisable considering the daunting challenges confronting businesses in the country.
Obasanjo said the 2012 annual report of the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank publication titled, ‘Doing business in a more transparent world,’ noted that a record number of African countries took decisive steps to encourage more local entrepreneurs to come into the formal economy over the past 12 years.
He said, “Across the continent, 15 countries lowered barriers to entry for new businesses, 23 facilitated access to credit, and seven made it easier to pay taxes. Nigeria is not in any of these leagues.

Miley's Cyrus, Now That's How To Wear A Mohawk!

Edgy: Miley paired her new cropped 'do with a plunging black gown and long spike-style earrings

I might not be crazy about Miley Cyrus going punk rock with her look, but I have to admit, If you have to go there this is how it should be done. She looks glam and there is I love the black on her skin and hair, with the make up. I like the look.

Amber Rose Shows Baby Bump on The Red carpet

Amber Rose and fiance , Wiz Khalifa  at the the VMA,  in their very unique, oddball couple way, they sure look great together. Wedding bells soon we hear.
Expecting: Amber Rose put a tender hand on her baby bump as she took to the VMA red carpet with fiancé, rapper Wiz Khalifa, in Los Angeles on Thursday

Rihanna and Chris @ The VMA, K-I.S-S-I-N-G. Lol

I am sorry, I could not resist using the nursery rhyme. This is so cute and honestly, I think they should reconcile.
I also think Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson should reconcile, yeah I know I am mushy like that.
Seriously, 'Why Cant We All Just Get Along?'
The Kiss was on the lips O! and look at his hands on her waist in the second photo. Me likey!
More than friends? Rihanna and Chris Brown were seen sharing a kiss at the MTV VMA awards, as Rihanna exited the stage after collecting her award for Video Of The Year

Still close: Chris held onto Rihanna's waist as she stood talking to singer Akon

Obama's excellent speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention ‘our problems can be solved’ — with more time

Okay, at the risk of being told that I am missing the point of the convention, I totally love the way the Obama's treat each other with so much warmth! Gives me goose bumps.
which is why Michelle could speak with such passion while making her speech and.... okay I will stop being mushy and remember that this is politics not one of my love rants, but who says we cant have both?

Hit the Link Below.

Obama's excellent speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention ‘our problems can be solved’ — with more time

I watched dad kill mum –11 year old Only child (The Sun)

Bizarre story, hit the link below
I watched dad kill mum –11 year old Only child (The Sun)

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Awwwww, Kanye Not Attending The VMA'S cos Kim K. Wont be there

See Love things O. Lol
According to mailonlineKanye West has decided not to attend the MTV VMAs in Los Angeles tonight because his girlfriend Kim Kardashian can't be by his side. Isn't that sweet
Kim Kardashian had a prior engagement at Fashion's Night Out in New York, where she will be promoting her True Reflection perfume at Lord & Taylor.
Lets hope this whirlwind romance doesn't get blown away
Inseparable: Kanye West has decided not to attend the MTV VMAs in Los Angeles tonight because his girlfriend Kim Kardashian can't be by his side

4 Igbinedion Varsity Teachers Die in Auto Accident

Not Actual Photo
The 78th birthday celebration of business magnate and father of Lucky Igbindeion, former governor of Edo State, Chief Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion, assumed a disastrous dimension on Wednesday, as one of the vehicles in his entourage plunged into the Ovia River, killing the four occupants instantly.
The casualties whose identities could not be ascertained at press time were said to be lecturers of Igbinedion University, Okada, who travelled with Chief Igbinedion, the Esama of Benin Kingdom, who earlier in the day launched his Benin-based Independent Television into satellite for viewing in 104 countries.
The carnival-like train had left for the country-home of Igbinedion, Okada, after the launching at the television station where another celebration took place, after which they returned to Benin City.
Disaster struck when the driver of one of the cars, an Audi 80, in the convoy conveying the four lecturers lost control and plunged into the Ovia River, along the Benin-Ore Road, killing all the occupants.
Three years ago, during his 75th birthday celebration, one of his staff died in an accident, while running an errand for the Benin high chief.
Also last year, Omoregbe Okpenye (aka Bayo Ade), a musician who was entertaining his guests at his palatial residence in Benin during his 77th birthday celebration was suddenly kidnapped by unidentified gunmen and later killed.
-PM News

The Many Faces Of Rihanna or Should we Say Hair?

Who's that chick? Rihanna looked drastically different as she debuted her new super-short hairdo in Los Angeles today (Thursday)

Rihanna is one celeb that is comfortable with colours and length when it comes to her hair. She can rock it short or long. I am usually a sucker for long hair, but she Kinda gave me a reason to want to go short...but not this short. Well, it's not about me and I think she looks incredibly cute, young and there is an innocence she rarely shows with this hair cut. I like!

Reese Whitherspoon, Drew Barrymore and Adele...Count down

Lets Try and Keep up with the Hollywood A-Listers that are ready to pop.
Reese                                          Drew                                                               Adele                                                                              

Fire Guts Ibadan Market

raders salvaging their goods at the scene of a fire incident at Ogunpa Market in Ibadan ... on Wednesday.

Traders at Labaowo Market, Ogunpa, in Ibadan North West Local Government of Oyo State were on Wednesday thrown into confusion and sorrow when a section of the market was razed by fire.
Wailings of the traders generated emotions as little could be done to salvage some of their belongings.
It was learnt by our correspondent that the market went up in flames at around 10am as an inflammable product (adhesive) allegedly caught fire destroying items worth millions of naira.
The President, Labaowo International Market, Alhaji Lukmon Alaka, said tragedy struck when a woman opened a can of gum near another woman who was cooking.
Alaka said, “A woman was cooking noodles beside her when the place went up in flames following an explosion. The shops went up in flames.”
He, however, stated that traders at the market had been warned against cooking in the market.
According to him, three people with  five buildings were affected by the inferno. However, he said no life was lost in the incident.
Those injured were said to have been taken to an undisclosed hospital where they were treated and discharged.


Am I The Only One Unaware Of Drew Barrymore's Pregnancy?

Oh baby: Drew Barrymore looked casual in a black sweater and jeans as she left her pre-natal yoga class earlier today

I feel like covering my face in shame! I have blogged about less important celebs being pregnant and having babies and I missed America's sweetheart, Drew Barrymore. How did that happen?
I hear she has a few weeks to go, before she has her very first baby.

Details: How Glo Manager 'Adebayo Ola-Smith' Committed Suicide (Narrated by his sister)

Details: How Glo Manager 'Adebayo Ola-Smith' Committed Suicide (Narrated by his sister)

Selena Gomez, My All Time Disney Girl

Oh Selena! This has got to be one of the glamorous look she has pulled. I love the nude colour on her skin contrasting with her dark locks. She looks show stoppingly good.
Matured, elegant and sophisticated. Gosh, this young woman is fast erasing the picture of the crazy Alex Russo in Disney's Wizard of Waverly Place. You Go Girl!
Stylish: Selena Gomez oozed sophistication in her stand out gown following a spot of sight seeing with her raucous cast mates earlier in the day
Selena Gomez at Venice Film Festival

Is Kanye Turning Kim K. To Amber Rose?

Chest is best: Kim Kardashain donned a daring monochrome dress with cut out detail for a magazine launch in New York last night

I have always thought Kim Kardashian knew her fashion and how to clothe her curves perfectly. Kanye taking over her closet to me is not exactly great, as she is beginning to dress more like Kanye's ex, Amber Rose!Less stylish, more tacky if I dare say.
First it was that inside out dress, that looked like I sewed it (taking to cognizance that I cant sew!) some other strange outfits.
Kim, you are 31 the outfits should be getting classier and more stylish and less like this.
Still think she is gorgeous though.

61 Years Old Woman Helps Out Daughter By Being a Surrogate

Like it or not Surrogacy is one of those sacrifices that I do not think can be undermined. some people say it is wrong, and I am not here to discuss the morality of it just talking about it like I see it, a huge sacrifice!
Kristine Casey, from Chicago, was a gestational carrier for her daughter, Sara Connell, and her husband Bill, who suffered heartbreaking infertility struggles. She successfully delivered their son Finnean in February last year.
Now, the family's unconventional journey has been told in Mrs Connell's new memoir, Bringing in Finn: An Extraordinary Surrogacy Story.
The question now is, what will the little boy call Kristine, grandmum or mum?
And is Sara his mum or his sister?
Grandmothers gift: Kristine Casey (left) poses with her daughter Sara Connell (right) during their surrogate pregnancy of Mrs Connell's baby boy

4 years Old Girl found ALIVE after 8 Hours Under Bodies of 'British' Family Gunned Down in Car at French Alps


This is one of those really scary, weird and unusual type of news that gets your stomach twisted in a knot and you try to ask yourself if this is a happy/sad or mixed feelings kinda news.
A four year old girl was found trapped between the bodies of her family members eight hours after they were gunned down!

A four-year-old girl has been found alive and unharmed hiding under the bodies of her mother, father and grandmother who were massacred in a car at a French alpine beauty spot.
Police failed to spot the terrified youngster in the British-registered BMW car until midnight - eight hours after the shooting took place. 
A French source said she was found hiding underneath her mother's legs. The two other bodies are believed to be those of her father and grandmother. It is uncertain if she crawled under the mum's skirt in fear after her death or if the mum fell on her.

  • Police failed to discover the terrified youngster until midnight.Her older sister, 8, is fighting for her life in hospital under police guard
  • Three of the corpses were in a car parked in a forest lay-by in hills next to Lake Annecy
  • They were staying at same campsite as another British family who reported their disappearance

  • Dana Air Licence Suspension Gone With The Wind

    Dana Airline's licence which was suspended due to the crash 3 months ago that led to the death of over a hundred and fifty persons on board has been lifted by the Federal Government.

    In a statement sent yesterday, the Special Assistant on media to the Minister of Aviation said the federal government's decision to do so was based on a satisfactory inspection of the company's airworthiness.

    Okay, we all know accidents happen, but I would like to know who certified them airworthy? is it a reputable company that can stake it's success on this claim?
    The families of the deceased (God rest their souls) have they been paid their insurance entitlement?
    Cos whether we agree or not, give or take a few weeks of commencing operations, people will fly them. It happened when Bellview had the crash, few days later if I recall we were back up doing the flights.
    With Air Nigeria out of the picture, people are running out of options. I am beginnig to think getting my butt ready for long road trips might be the way forward, what do you think?

    Missed The Convention? You Can Watch and Read Clinton's Endorsement of President Obama

    I am not an American, but I have always been a Bill Clinton supporter (I think I had a crush on him as a kid ) anyway, my TL was abuzz with lots of comments and people's opinion of his amazing validation of President Barrack Obama. Don't you just love when great people support each other? I did not see the convention live, but woke up this morning and really wanted to see the transcript of the speech that sent everyone talking.
    PHOTO: Former President Bill Clinton speaks to delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on September 5, 2012.
    President Bill Clinton

    "If you want a future where the American Dream is really alive and well again, you have to vote for Barack Obama."—President Clinton

    Click Here for the speech and the video, yeah Bill Clinton sure knows how to make the crowd go crazy! I think this has to be Obama's biggest endorsement.

    Wednesday, 5 September 2012

    Beyonce Celebrates 31 With a Family Themed Cruise

    You gotta love the Carters! Beyonce turned 31 and true to their usual style they kept it in the family. I love the way they guard their privacy and stay away from the limelight as much as their huge stardom can permit.
    Happy birthday to the girl who seems to have it all.
    Casual chic: Beyoncé wore a navy and white cricket-style jumper and a pair of matching shorts

    Celebrations: Jay-Z had decked the boat out with balloons and streamers to celebrate his wife's big day

    Air Nigeria Shut Down! Suspends Operations for A Year

    I would like to pretend that I am shocked at this news, but I have never been a good liar, so I will be honest and say, yeah I saw this coming. 
    After working with Virgin Nigeria for less than two years, I could not imagine such a great company with the Virgin brand been handed over to You Know Who. Well, glad I quit, one of my smartest career moves till date.

    According to Jimoh Ibrahim,
    “corporations are like individuals who naturally will get sick and the usual thing to do is to admit them to hospitals, either for corporate surgery or for treatment, as the case may be.”

    This was his answer for firing all but 50 staff members of the Airline for what he termed disloyalty. 
    Big laugh, this was an Airline that was doing well before he came into the picture. I guess it is always easier to blame others for our failures.

    To my former colleagues who just lost their jobs, It can only get better.

    Tuesday, 4 September 2012

    Bollywood and The Movie 'Three Idiots'

    I am usually not a huge fan of Bollywood movies, not because the movies are terrible, but because of the time frame. They are usually very lengthy and take forever to end!
    But lately, I have been getting rave reviews about this Bollywood movie "Three Idiots" My younger bro, went on and on about it and the moral lessons and the fun part of the movie. So here I am thinking  I am about to get my Bollywood groove on.  Will grab a copy and that will be my weekend movie. Who is with me?

    Straight From The Heart

    Straight From The Heart

    Man Killed By In-laws For Biting Off Wife's Nose In a Squabble

     John Odu
    A Purchasing Officer with the University of Calabar, Cross River State, Mr. John Odu, has allegedly been killed by the relatives of his wife, Nancy, after a marital squabble.
    Residents of the area said the alleged killing was  due to a fight between the couple, who were blessed with two children aged 21 and 19 years. The fight led to the biting off of the wife’s nose.
    PUNCH Metro learnt on Saturday that the couple, who resided at 23 Uduakobong Street, off Edim Otop Street, were childhood lovers during their secondary school days and eventually got married in the late 80s.
    However, prior to the incident, the relationship between the spouses, who hail from Ntamante in Boki Local Government Area of the state, had plummeted due to frequent fighting and quarrelling.
    It was said John bit off his wife’s nose in August 17 to free himself from the intense pains he was going through when the latter grabbed his penis during a fight.
    A source in the adjoining building, who craved anonymity said, “We heard the man screaming and begging for his wife to let go his genitals but she would not, so the man started crying and at a point, we heard the lady crying too. It was later that we discovered that the man bit off the wife’s nose.

    Son Hacks Father To Death With A Machete!

    The Gory tales never endo do they? I was talking with a colleague of mine about the Indian woman who sold her three kids when she showed me this story in the Vanguard online:
    TRAGEDY struck at Obodoukwu Imoha, Nkerefi community in Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu weekend, when a young man allegedly went berserk and inflicted several machete cuts on his father, killing him instantly.
    The suspect identified by the police as Chinedu Umahi, was said to have killed his father, Mr. Uwanuakwa Umahi while he was resting in his house about 6 pm on Saturday, September 1, with a sharp machete with which he gave him deep cuts in his body.
    The police said in Enugu that the man became unconscious following severe bleeding and was rushed to a hospital at Agbani in the neighbouring Nkanu West Local Government Area where he died few hours later. Chinedu is now said to be in police custody where he had allegedly admitted killing his father.
    The State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, confirmed the incident yesterday, saying that the command has already commenced investigations into the incident.
    He said: “We are investigating an incident in which a son gave his father several machete cuts at Obodoukwu Imoha, Nkerefi in Nkanu East local Government Area of the state for a yet to be established reason. The victim, one Uwanuakwa Umahi was alleged to have been macheted by his own son Chinedu.
    “The victim was said to be resting in his house that fateful day when his son suddenly came in and started cutting him with the machete. The man tried to escape through the window but he could not because of severe injuries he had already sustained hence he became unconscious. The man was later rushed to the General Hospital Agbani for treatment but he was confirmed dead.”

    Natalie Portman for Miss Dior Cherie Ad.

    I am one of those few people not carried away by all the new and trendy designers. I am still a lover of the classiques when it comes to perfumes. Give me a Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel anytime, any day.
    Of course I still wear my Tom Ford, Thierry Meugler and the Narcisso Rodriquez' of the fashion scene, but I  have a stronger pull towards the femininity of the classiques.
    And this Miss Dior Cherie Ad. by Natalie Portman  reminds me of that sultry, classy all woman perfume. I love it already!
    Public appearance: The stunning star confessed that she struggles to look perfect for events

    Angles: There is no doubt that Natalie is an expert as showing her best angle

    Justin Bieber's Tattoo, You Like?

    Justin Bieber's got a new tattoo,   which he tweeted a photo of saying:

     'New tattoo its a crown if you couldn't tell.'

    Swagger jagger: Justin was spotted out in Los Angeles over the weekend wearing a rather questionable pair of trousersSwagger jagger: Justin was spotted out in Los Angeles over the weekend wearing a rather questionable pair of trousers

     Am I the only one who thinks it looks crappy? It looks like he got his girlfriend,Selena Gomez to draw it on him!Lol
    Maybe it is not permanent (I hope), I still want to think of him as a sweet kid, but it is getting increasingly difficult with all his tattoo collection....and whats with those horrid pants in the first picture!
    Prince of pop! Justin Bieber cemented his musical success with a new crown tattoo, before posting a picture of the inking on Twitter

    Mother Sells 2 Kids and Gives a Third For Free, For Less Than 2 Pounds!

    Desperation: Poverty drove Purnima Halder to sell her three daughters
    I am trying not to sound judgmental, but how bad can it be that you would sell your three children? It does not matter how broke you are, these are children who did not ask to be brought into this world, now you trade them? What kind of person pays for two of your children and you give them a third for free!
    I am still in shock as it is hard to wrap my mind around this. First their father is a beast and then their mother sells them off, for less than two pounds and we wonder why this generation is turning out really crappy.

    According to Dailymail ,An Indian mother sold her three young daughters for just £2 after her drunken husband threw her out of their house.
    Purnima Halder, 35, was so desperate that she could not even afford to buy the children a meal.
    She sold the older two children, aged ten and eight, for 185 rupees (£2) and then gave her four-year-old away for free.
    The incident took place in West Bengal's South 24-Parganas district. 
    Police rescued all the three girls after residents of Malancha village in the district's Neora locality informed them about a woman selling off her children because of poverty.
    'All the three girls have been rescued after we carried out an extensive search taking Purnima along. 
    'We have already video-recorded her statement,' South 24-Parganas district police superintendent Praveen Tripathi said on Sunday.
    'The girls are now in a shelter in the Mandirbazar area. Purnima was thrown out of her home by her husband Uttam Halder and gave her children to three different people so that they could get the much-needed sustenance and shelter.
    'She was extremely worried as it was difficult for her to provide even a square meal to them,' a senior district police officer said.
    Uttam, a plumber, was arrested late on Saturday on the charges of torturing his wife and daughters.

    Actor, Michael Clark Duncan Dies of Cardiac Arrest.

    Popular for his bulky frame and his most memorable roles in Green Mile (which earned him an Oscar nomination) and his role in crime comedy whole 9 Yards with Bruce Willis and Mathew Perry, Michael Clark Duncan passed on last night from cardiac arrest.
    Till his death at age 54, he was engaged to controversial reality star, Omarosa who was by his side all through this and had administered CPR to him on his last cardiac arrest in July.
    RIP big guy, the big screen will miss you.

    Monday, 3 September 2012

    Are LASTMA Official any Better That Touts?

    LASTMA Manhandling a Commercial Driver

    As I look at this picture someone sent to my phone a few minutes ago, I ask myself this question, Are LASTMA official in anyway better that the Agberos we have at the park? Asides making them wear Uniforms, I really see no difference. They are Uncouth, have no formal training and most have no idea what the traffic laws are! So how can they help when they have no clue what to do?
    And please someone clarify this, are the traffioc lights not meant for Okada as well? Or the LASTMA guys can not jump in front of Aboki's Okada?
    I really do not care what offence anyone commits, you DO NOT jump into [eople's cars and start fighting them, worse case scenario you take their car details and fine them or trace them and confiscate the vehicle if they prove stubborn.
    I  wonder why I am even giving myself a headache after a hard day's work. Its not like the LASTMA guys are reading my blog. Lol

    Lindsay Lohan Kicked Out Of Notoriously Famous Chataeu Marmont Hotel

     Lohan is said to be the first celebrity EVER to be evicted from notorious Chateau Marmont after refusing to pay £29,000 hotel bill

    • Details leaked of huge unpaid bill - including £500 spent on mini-bar in one night
    • Also showed star used £432 worth of cigarettes over 47 days
    • Luxury hotel is popular with Hollywood stars and famed for its discretion, so Kicking Lilo out must mean even with their shoddy reputation, they still can't contain her excesses.

    Letter: An extract from the letter to Lohan from the hotel asking her to leave

    Why Don’t They Want Us?

    Why Don’t They Want Us?

    Do I marry her or walk away now after 4 years of courtship?

    Do I marry her or walk away now after 4 years of courtship?

    PDA(Public Display Of Affection)…Or Not?

    PDA(Public Display Of Affection)…Or Not?

    Lady Gaga!!!!!! Never Enough Words To Describe Her Style

    Fabulous: The 26-year-old made a grand exit from her hotel in Copenhagen amidst screaming fans, but none were as loud as the two-foot high feather hat and the animal-print mini-dress she chose to wear
    Check Out  the heels on Those Shoes! This was how the weird one was spotted leaving her hotel in Denmark. Always a show stopper in all her weirdness.
    Mad hatter: As Lady Gaga stepped out of the Hotel Skt. Petri earlier today, it was clear she didn't give a flying feather what PETA has to say about her flamboyant ensembles

    Sunday, 2 September 2012

    Tori Spelling Welcomes Fourth Baby

    Last week was all about the babies in the American entertainment scene with lots of celebrities popping them out. Lol
    I think in the baby frenzy I kinda left out Beverly hills own Tori..
    Tori Spelling and her hubby, Dean McDermot welcomed their fourth child, a son two days ago.. Making their kids stats two boys and two girls.
    Congratulations guys!

    Win a Polo T-Shirt, Thank Me Later

    You guys sure love freebies, hahahahaha.
    Someone sent me the photo and all I could do was share. Yeah, I love you guys like that. Have a lovely sunday and a great week ahead.

    Father Kills Ten Years old Son while Trying out Bullet Proof Charm

    How does a father test the potency of a charm by risking his son's life? I guess that is a question Mr Adega will have to deal with for the rest of his life.
    After acquiring bullet proof 'juju', a man, Ornguga Adega, of Agbatse village in Kwande local government area of Benue State, shot his only son dead  while conducting a gunshot test on the boy.

    Sunday Vanguard gathered that the suspect, who was  immediately apprehended by men of the Benue State Police Command, is currently facing trial at a Makurdi Chief Magistrate Court.

    According to the First Information Report, FIR, by the police, the suspect and father of the ten- year- old had, in August 2012, bought some charm from a native doctor with the belief that it was potent enough to prevent the penetration of bullets into his body.

    He was said to have rubbed his 'bullet proof' cream on the body of his son in order to verify  its efficacy and potency in line with the instructions of the native doctor from whom he bought the charm.

    According to the FIR,  Adega fired a shot with his single barrel gun on the right leg of his son following which the bullet shattered the leg and also penetrated through to the left leg.

    The boy was said to have bled profusely but before his shocked and devastated father could get proper medical attention for him, the little boy bled to death.

    When the case came up at the Makurdi Chief Magistrate Court, police prosecutor, Inspector Gabriel Egbonyi, said the accused was arrested at the process of investigating the cause of death of the young bo

    Saturday, 1 September 2012

    Congratulations Teju Babyface, God Bless Your Home .

    Teju is one of those entertainers you don't make so much noise about, but he is doing great as an entertainer and I think he has managed to be professional and drama free.
    Happy to see him and wifey get hitched.
    Goodluck guys, may the mariage be a lot more beautiful than the wedding.

    Do You Think this Photo Tells it Like it is?

    I kinda see some truth in this, but of course it does not depict the entire male or female gender.

    Messy divorce: Seal Accuses Heidi Klum of Infidelity

    Don't you just hate when divorce gets messy and people who once loved each other start digging up dirt to completely destroy whatever is left of their relationship?
    Makes you kinda give a thumbs up to TomKat for splitting with as little drama as possible.

    So much for that amicable split. After it was reported on Friday that Heidi Klum was dating her bodyguard of four years, Martin Kristen, her soon-to-be ex-husband Seal had a very bitter response for the mother of his four children. "To be quite honest, if there is going to be somebody else in their lives, I'd much rather it was a familiar face," the "Kiss From a Rose" singer told TMZ as he made his way through an airport on Saturday. "I guess the only thing I would have preferred is that … I guess I didn't expect any better from him, I would have preferred Heidi show a little bit more class and at least wait until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help, as it were," he adds, insinuating that the relationship began before he and Klum announced their split in January. "But I guess you now all have the answer that you've been looking for the past seven months."

    Too bad, so sad.