Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2013 Looks Great Already! Happy New Year!!!!!!

Have I missed my blog or what!

I am going to share a very soppy love story someday soon on this blog. A friend of mine says I should, that the relationship between my fiancĂ© (yes I am engaged!) and I is one filled with lots of romantic turbulence, it would make a great Tele novela, I think I agree with her. Till I am ready to share that story, let’s just say I am happy being in love with the love of my life, my dear friend, my Hazel eyez.
I know I am mushy, and love the whole concept of love and romance too much, I am not going to apologise for it, that’s who I am , and my darling loves me just like that!
To most people, the sweetest thing to hear from a loved one is I LOVE YOU, I used to think it was too, till the day he told me ‘ YOU ARE MY HAPPINESS’. It created that Jerry Mcguire  ‘YOU COMPLETE ME’ moment. He probably doesn’t know it ( I really should tell him today) , to me that was the sweetest thing he had ever said. Cos he said it with such feeling, that it made the first time he said I LOVE YOU seem small.
Me Looking fab at Yimi's wedding
I had an awesome time in Dubai by the way, lots of people have been asking, it was one of the most beautiful vacations, it would have been termed romantic if my kid sis wasn’t there like a third wheel! (Love you li’l sis. Lol) 
My Kid sis, Obehi
Anyway, had a great time, always wanted to take a trip with my kid sis, finally did that, and Hazel eyes showing up, was the icing on the already amazing cake.
I got back to attend my BFF's wedding, famous blogger yimiton.com and getting set for my brother's wedding...so much love in the air, its infectious!
Yimi, now Mrs Ani

I will probably be writing a lot of lovey dovey stories henceforth, for all the love scrooges, may you be visited by the love ghosts, cupid, venus and all the other love shooting mythical things.
I wish you all a very Lovey dovey 2013, I intend having one.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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