Saturday, 12 January 2013

Who Wants To Go On a Vacation?

I was thinking last night about how much I would like to take my blog away from being news and general gist, trying to be more specific like it used to be when my blog was inspiring and had real stories and stuff I wrote. Well, I have been thinking about making a travel blog (not totally dropping my personal pieces)
I love travelling, I have been a cabin crew, worked as an airline ticketing agent, worked guest relations in a hotel and most importantly, I love to travel and plan holidays to new and interesting places, so why not make the blog about that!

So here I am asking if my readers find travelling as interesting as I do, or am I just a wanderer at heart?
I want to have a very interactive blog, where people tell me about places they have been to and places they would love to visit. send me pictures and make travel destination recommendations, I want the average Nigerian not to think of a vacation in terms of money, but as a form of recovery after a maddening period of all work and no play!
I want people to look within and outside the country and think of ways they can relax.
I am one person who can pick a nice little place in Lagos that is remote like Badagry and just drive down with friends for a weekend. No phones, no BB or ipads, just friends and fun.
I can also be a bit reclusive, and want to travel alone or go to a new place in some undiscovered part of Lagos, meet new people, see how they live, take loads of picture and just relax.This does not cost you a fortune, but can be so mentally refreshing, you'd be amazed!
I am an advocate for time away! I think people should take time off from the usual hustle and bustle of the city and just breathe.
I can also be an expensive traveller, go to exotic places like Bora Bora, Seychelles, Turkey, Greece, Venice, Paris, Dubai (not the shopping kinda Dubai trip)...I have often toyed with the idea of visiting the Amazon forest(Okay, maybe not visit really, just fly over,
 I want to see the world as much as I can, but if I cant afford to, I will take what I can get within and outside Nigeria.
So, if you think my idea makes sense, send me your ideal vacation spots, send me pictures of places you have been to, and pleeaaaase send me pictures of places in Nigeria we could sell to the outside world (Obudu, Gurara, Yankari etc) and I would love to share them here.

Lets see how this new idea about visiting the entire globe from Dianah's Place works for 2013.

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