Sunday, 10 February 2013

I am Sooooooo in Love

Okay, I know this catches attention and everyone just wonders who the lucky guy is, well, there is a lucky guy, but this piece is not for him (sorry sweetheart. lol) I woke up this morning and had this song by a gospel artiste, playing in my head:

Over and over, you’ve shown me
You are my shoulder (to lean on)
Over and over, I fall in love with you….

And it has been in my head all morning, so that tells me only one thing; I am soooooooo in love with God, not just today but always! I get so overwhelmed with emotions sometimes, when I think about how awesome God is, and believe me I am not being religious here, this is more like stating a fact. 
I see GOD in the way people love and devote themselves to each other, sometimes I see GOD in a disabled person that is so driven and he succeeds against all odds, sometimes I see GOD in the beauty of nature, the overwhelming calm the sea has on me, I see GOD in the freshness of the air after it rains (I tell my friends the after rain air smells so fresh, it makes me want to hug God).
I think of how crazy life gets, even friends and family do not seem to get it, but if you are a Christian, like I am proud to be, that’s when you realise that God is your sanity. I tell everyone and anyone who cares to listen that my Love for God is because He loves me despite all my faults, and He keeps showing it over and over, unconditionally. I am not saying this like I do not have an problems, who doesn’t ?, but there is the joy that comes with knowing that no matter how terrible things might be at some point in your life, it always passes and becomes history.
Think about it for a few seconds, some overwhelming problem you had sometime ago, it seemed like it was going to suck the life force out of you, nobody understood what you were going through, but it passed after a while and when you look back it seems so long ago, almost like it never existed! Some people say time heals everything, but I say God does…cos He created time, duh!
I have been in some pretty crappy situations myself, and when it finally passes (like they always do)I ask myself if it was actually as big as it seemed back then, and more often than nought the answer is NO!
I am not trying to act like your problem is nothing, but I am saying it will pass…there is nothing too major that God can’t handle, HELLO? That’s why He is the big G!
And like the popular saying ‘worry is like a rocking chair,it moves but gets you nowhere!’
I don’t believe that HOPE for mankind is trapped in Pandora’s legendary box, I believe hope is within all of us, all we have to do is exercise it with patience, prayers and a lot of devotion.
We know God loves us, I think its about time we showed Him how much we love Him

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