Thursday, 7 February 2013

Valentine ...The Love Bug Season

So this year, I will be celebrating Valentine on the 16th of February. Not because my fiance (I just love throwing that word around all the time. lol) and I want to be different, but because distance sucks! He lives in London presently while I am in Lagos.So after work on Friday the 15th, someone has to travel.
Hmmmmm, things we do for love.
I am not going to rain on other people's parade, but join in on the fun of the season. Thank God for skype, we go manage.
I have been talking to a couple of my married and dating friends, trying to see what they have lined up for their husbands and bobos (maybe I can steal a few ideas and add to mine) and boy! my friends are romantic to the core!
One is planning some x rated evening with all the scented candles, wine, chocolate, sexy/sinful lingerie (she is married, so God approves) with her husband, some are planning a romantic getaway. The gift parts seem to have taken a back seat in exchange of creating memories. Me likey!

And for those not in a relationship, it doesn't matter o, you can make your valentine as love filled as possible. You have family, you have friends, spread the love! No excuses!
When you are single sometimes you tend to have the best valentine, I know there was a time I wasnt dating anyone and I got five bouquet of flowers and gifts from admirers all trying to outdo themselves.
Well this year, all I want for Valentine is for my darling to come home, lets make magic!

Do share, what will you be doing on the 14th of February all ye lovebirds?
You guys know me, I love LOVE, so let me take a break from my rant and join in the countdown to February 14th. Have a love filled month y'all. 

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