Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mallam and His Buried Treasure!

You know how we all have those very loyal Mallams that help us with laundry, run errands, and ocasionally help us buy meat and onions because we know their fellow mallams who sell these items will give them incredible deals. I am sooooooo guilty of these. lol
Anyways, my friend, Eve was gisting me yesterday at work about her Mallam, and her story made me angry...and at same time I found it ridiculously funny.
Her handy man mallam, had been saving his earnings ....wait for it..........UNDERGROUND!
Genius that he is, he figured the bank was not safe enough for him to put his money like us schmucks, so he dug a hole and has been keeping his money there! Or so he said. 
He went there on this fateful day to go check and voila! Termites and ants have been having a really expensive meal, his money was consumed by creepy crawlies!
He called my friend very early the next morning to ask what he should do, he was almost in tears as this money had been saved over a long period and was close to or over Two Hundred Thousand (200,000) naira!
See pics

Now the bank is saying the money is really damaged and they might not be able to salvage much, Mallam is really frustrated.
The next time that Mallam handy man of yours comes to you looking like if you don't give him his laundry money he will die of starvation, just note he might have more money than you at that point.
On a more serous note, encourage those junior staff or helps of yours to have a small account, it just might be saving them some huge loss.
Goodluck to Eve's Mallam, hope he gets some of that cash back.

Okay, my lunch break is over.
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