Friday, 1 March 2013

Need Hair This Long and Shiny? A bottle of Beer Might Do The Trick

44 year old Chinese, Cen Yingyuan hasn't cut her hair in 11 years and admits she is 'addicted' to it. Standing at 5ft tall, her hair is a foot and a half longer than she is
  • She claims It takes over an hour to wash and a day and a half to dry!
  • Cen has had offers of up to £2,000 for her locks, and here is the kicker, to keep it all nice and shine, she washes it with....BEER! 
  • I just took out my weave last night, getting a bottle of bear, my hair had better grow and shine fast or else.....
  • But seriously, as much as I love long hair, I just think this is extreme, it stops being attractive at this point.

  • Proud: Cen Yingyuan shows off her 6ft 7in long hair, the result of 11 years without having it cut

    Ordeal: Cen washes her hair every four days. She is forced to stand over a bucket to wash the entire length

    The trick to keeping such a vast amount of hair shiny, according to Cen, is to rinse it with a bottle of beer

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