Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Journey to the Underworld...

I find myself talking about wonderful vacation spots all the time, but never seem to have any information on unpleasant destination. Well, people do have to travel to those places and I think I should give them some credit for these sacrifices.
This piece is dedicated to the amazing relief workers, UN, Redcross and a special dedication to those wonderful children born in war ravaged countries, children who are born without a fighting chance or the assurance of tomorrow...

I was having a convo with a friend of mine after we saw a movie about a man who was on tial for war crimes. He was forced into being a child soldier at the age of 8 when his mom was shot in front of him, and some members of the militia forced him to take up arms or be killed!

I read another story of a young girl who was born by a single mother, her mom died while she was barely ten, and her mom's boyfriend sold her off to a pimp and she became a prostitute at that age!

I am not in support of murder or prostitution, but who am I to judge these people when they become adults?
They grew up without a fighting chance, they did not have the luxury of options... their options where :


Makes my heart bleed for children in such situations, makes me realise how lucky I was as a kid, growing up in a loving family.
Make me appreciate that even when times were tough, I still had options, no matter how weak the options were.

I started work on a book 'We are Still Breathing' and it is dedicated to those who have lived through situations we see in the movies and we flinch, circumstances we read about and gasp in shock...For those who never stood a chance.
My respect goes to those adults who have lived through these challenges and made something of themselves.
No one ever said life was fair, but I would be a fool not to wish it were.
It has been a while since I did my Rant and Rave bit, for this cause,I had to.
May God give us the grace to be less religious but human and treat others with consideration.

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