Thursday, 29 August 2013

Terms of Endearment from Strangers, Cheesy or Not?

Okay, I am not in a rant and rave mood right now, but sincerely Ladies, am I the only one who finds it very cheesy, and too forward when a guy I do not know refers to me as baby, sexy, pumpkin, sweetheart, honey etc? Like seriously, you are trying to ask me out ,or hit on me and you think such  starters would cut it?
I thought such endearments where reserved for those we know and care about, not total strangers?
It is becoming the norm for some guys, to think baby or angel is sweet to call a stranger, I don't! But then again, some ladies might like it, and it probably works for the guys too.
Seriously ladies, do you think it is cool, or am I the crazy one who thinks only people you know should have pet names for us?
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