Monday, 2 December 2013

Paul Walker, Another One Bites the Dust


Yesterday morning, I noticed on twitter that a lot of people had several messages as regards actor, best known for his role in the very successful movie franchise'Fast and Furious'.
Isn't it amazing how a make believe character can become so real to us that we actually feel like we know the real person behind the scene.
To some he was the fair hired hottie with a fast car, to some he wasa co-actor, to some a friend, and to his teenage daughter he was just 'daddy'
I never really knew or read much about him, was not even such a huge fan, but I was touched that one so young died in such a ghastly way, morbid as it may sound, he kinda died the way we knew a fast car.
RIP Paul Walker, you are being mourned by the world, which means you must have done something right, something worth making friends like Tyrese weep, strangers in far away Nigeria putting up your photos on their Displays and wishing you eternal rest.
At the end of the day, we all pray and hope we have contributed enough to the world to have made a mark, and when we leave this world enough to ensure us a better place for all eternity.

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