Friday, 3 January 2014

2014, Already an Amazing Year

Happy New Year! 
It always is an exciting feeling for me at the beginning of the year, like I have been given an opportunity to start all over.Letting go old hurts, worries and cares...while letting in new opportunities, endless possibilities and a renewed zest for life. Or maybe I just like new things.
Hope the year 2013 did not leave you sad and bitter? Never mind if it did, doesn't matter how it ended, just don't let that sinking feeling start the new year for you. Being alive means you get to have a 'do-over' on almost anything.
I hope your year goes great, mine will..I get to have three spanking new certificates (great achievement in life), super excited and grateful to God for My Friends, Family, 'Hazel Eyez' and everything in between.
Looking forward to an Amazing 2014! Lets Do This! 
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