Tuesday, 2 December 2014

When it Takes 3hrs to Deliver, it is NO LONGER Fast Food!

When you order fast food, like the name implies, it means you want it fast!
I rarely go out for lunch, so most times I order in and just eat in the office kitchenette/lunch room.
How do you explain ordering lunch from one of these 'chicken ' eateries, less than two streets away, you have so much to do, and you are unable to drive out for lunch , so you decide to order instead. Three hours later, you are still waiting! Of course the shameless fast food (more like crawling food) will insist on collecting their delivery charge!
In certain places you would get free delivery or even free meals when the eatery fails to keep to its promise of on time delivery. This crappy service just goes on and we just sit down and take it.
These eateries are usually no better than iya basira who cooks her meal beside the gutter! At least her customers know what to expect and she does not promise you delivery, free or otherwise!
My lunch break is over, and I am yet to get my order, instead I have been staring at my computer, typing this piece angrily, while sipping a cup of tea, hoping that can help tide the hunger pangs till I make alternative arrangements.
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