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How about an Unconventional Hotel on Your Next Holiday

I was talking to a friend of mine about hotels, and how weird some can be, thanks to google I found this article by Franziska Gutsche on and I just thought wow! she nailed it! So, this is me being lazy and sharing it exactly like she did.
As far as I’m concerned, hotels ought to ideally fulfill two main conditions: a bed and a roof. Maybe the price ought to be factored in as well. Until not too long ago, I thought that I would rather spend money on exploring the places I traveled in, than on the bed I slept in at night. A hotel, to me, was merely a place to regain my energies for the following day of plans, travels and astonishments.
What changed my mind, was coming across some rather incredible hotels. The astounding capsule hotels in Japan, for example, the prison hotel in Germany or anice hotel in Canada. But my personal top 6 are the ones listed here below (side note for anyone wondering why it’s not a top 5, I simply could not decide)

1) The Igloo village, Finland

igloo village visitfinland Amazing Hotels   6 nights to rememberphotograph by Visit Finland
Perfect for everyone who always wanted to have an undisturbed view at night without any city lights to observe the universe in its most original version. If you are lucky, you might even see some of the awe-inspiring northern lights.
2) The Sand HOTEL IN Dorset, England.
sand castle England  Amazing Hotels   6 nights to rememberphoto via thepirata
A local travel website found out, that most English tourists prefer foreign beaches. To change that and in a 7-day work rallye, they built this hotel, 100% made of sand.  Here, you can fall sleep, listening to the waves for just 10 pound a night. But be aware: There are no toilet facilities available (spells: nature is your toilet).
3) The Cave Hotel, Turkey
cave hotel turkey Amazing Hotels   6 nights to rememberphoto by jon.s
If you like it somewhat more historical, meaning the time before modern civilization, then this place might the one for you. From the 9th to the 12th century the Gamirasu Cave Hotel was a monastery and there are still some remaining frescos left from that time. A place to take some time off as you may not meet quite as many other travellers at this dwelling, which is located well off the beaten track.
4) The Jumbo HOTEL IN Stockholm, Sweden
jumbo hotel airplane orlandoryan Amazing Hotels   6 nights to rememberphoto by Ryan Stiner
This hotel is just perfect for anybody travelling to and from Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden. If you have an early flight to catch, why waisting precious sleep in getting up even earlier to be at the airport on time? Stay a night at the Jumbo Hostel, located just a 10 minute walk away from the check-in counter. This Boeing 47 served 26 years as an ordinary airplane until it was converted into a hostel / hotel. The Jumbo HOTEL OFFERS beds for up to 85 people in 1, 2 or 3 bed-rooms and even one luxury suite in the cockpit!
jumbo hostel cockpit robinvonpost Amazing Hotels   6 nights to rememberphoto by Robin von Post
5) The Salt HOTEL IN Uyuni, Bolivia
salt hotel Bolivia Amazing Hotels   6 nights to remember
Another quite uncommon hotel, called Hotel de Sal Playa, is located in the famous salt desert of Bolivia, Uyuni. This place is entirely made out of salt is constructed of salt blocks stuck together and consists of 15 bedrooms, a dining room, a living room, a bar and even a pool table. Don’t go crazy on testing the 'realness' of the furniture – the owner asks not to lick the walls to prevent deterioration.
salt hotel Amazing Hotels   6 nights to remember
top 2 photos by Leonora Enking
6)Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji
Poseidon Undersea Resort Fiji 3 Amazing Hotels   6 nights to remember
My absolute favourite of the bunch is the underwater HOTEL AT the Poseidon Undersea Resort on the Fiji Islands. Be amazed at the wonders of the diverse marine life fromup close (at 12metres/40ft deep) while being warm and comfortably in your bed. The world’s only undersea luxury resort opened just recently and gives you the unique opportunity to count fish instead of sheep while falling asleep…
underwaterhotel nijcker Amazing Hotels   6 nights to rememberphotograph via
Learning about these hotels, l I discovered a wealth of unique opportunities to make more out of a night than just sleeping. Have a look and decide where you want to spend your next holiday!
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