Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Electricity Tariff cut by 50%..Someone Give NERC a Cookie and a Glass of Milk!

That was what I felt like saying when the I heard about the cut.

'Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission on Wednesday announced the immediate review of electricity tariffs by about 50 per cent' 

I am  usually not a killjoy, I used to be (would like to think I still am) an incurable optimist. However the Nigerian Government is fast turning me into a bitter citizen, but I will not give them that power.
We have been promised improved power for years now, and each time it is promised, it gets worse, can they all TALK LESS and ACT MORE!
How difficult is power generation, really!
It is not like it is a nouvel technology, it already exists and we still cannot make it work?
At 100% tariff I have not had power in two months, I live in Ikate Elegushi (Lekki), at 50% am I supposed to be ecstatic that it will improve? Forgive me if I do not share the enthusiasm of many.
Power in my opinion is too basic for us not to be incapable of managing, it is not rocket science!
I have been spending ridiculous amounts on fuel for my generator, I have had power restored for few hours in two months and each time I regretted it as it is either too high or too low.
A busted Decoder, several blown up electric bulbs, crashed Air conditioner, laptop,iPad and phone chargers later I am as angry as can be.
Why does Nigeria as a country make my heart heavy?
Why can't I have more reasons like Chimamanda Adichie, Wole Soyinka to restore my faith in this country.
I try so hard not to complain, but this nation leaves me no choice.

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