Friday, 3 July 2015

Travel and Exotic Food: Would You Eat These?

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Travelling is admittedly one of my guilty pleasures. I yearn for the time I can afford to fly around the world first class, go on cruises and just enjoy the freedom and beauty of divers people and places.
As much as I enjoy traveling and soaking up all that culture, I am not adventurous with exotic foods from these various places.
I watched  Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and I almost set my Laptop ablaze for such defilement. 
Entertaining to watch, but most of those meals are just gross!
Which is why when I travel, I love staying in apartment styled Hotels, so I can cook my own food when I get frustrated or bored with the local or continental.
I can barely stand onions visibly present in my food, and someone tries to convince me that some nicely spice Larvae/Maggots/Worms and Crickets are all delicious and valid source of protein!
What happened to Egg, Milk, Fish and Beef?
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Half Hatched Chicken egg, Philipino Delicacy

I know some of you will not cringe at the sight of these crazy meals pictured below, but pray tell, how far would you go for that exotic meal. 
Don't be shy, I might detest it, but as long as it is not illegal to each his taste. Have fun on your next trip and do let us know what your weirdest meal has been.

Image result for bizarre foods 


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