Monday, 24 August 2015

ADULTERY 101: The Ashley Maddison Lesson

I have been staying away from this story as it will be rather difficult for me to write about it without any bias. But I read about the FBI report on two suicide cases related to the hacking of the Ashley Madison website and I was moved to write.
For those who have not heard about this story, Google is your friend.
It is so sad to know that people have died because the hackers have taken it upon themselves to do what they think is right. They want cheating spouses exposed.
Truth is people will cheat with or without Ashley Madison. It is the sad truth. And by playing God, their supposed 'good deed' is causing a lot of pain to the innocent families. Disgraced spouses and parents, broken homes, a lot of chaos that they probably did not envisage.
It is very unfortunate that it has resulted to this and some good deeds are not necessarily your call to make.

Canadian police are investigating two unconfirmed reports of suicides related to the Ashley Madison adultery dating site cyber attack.
The news was announced by officers at a media briefing in Toronto on Monday.
The hacking has exposed millions of people around the world, including hundreds in Saudi Arabia where adultery is potentially punishable by death.
Officers confirmed the site's owner - Toronto-based Avid Life Media - is offering a C$500,000 ($379,132) reward to catch the hackers.
As well as at least two unconfirmed suicides, Toronto Police Acting Staff Superintendent Bryce Evans said the attack has also sparked a number of blackmail attempts.

There were no details on what countries the alleged deaths or extortion cases had taken place in.
The site was predominantly used by people looking to cheat on their partner.
Details of the site's 37 million members were obtained by hackers in July, who demanded the site be shut down.
Last week, with the site still online, they released the data on the so-called 'dark web'.
Among those exposed are civil servants, senior military officers and university professors.

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