Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Hate The Job, Love the Job, Just Do The Damn Job!

After graduation, I moved around a bit shuttling between Lagos and Abuja chasing my job and having my job chase me too.
Well, I have been back in Lagos on same job since 2009, and it took a lot of self-convincing to get me back to Crazyville .
Recently I have been having the same conversation with friends, family and acquaintances here in Nigeria and they all seem to be searching for the next big thing. New jobs, better jobs, start-ups and sadly very few people are happy doing what they do.
Of every 10, maybe 2 people love what they do, then maybe one is indifferent and just does it for the pay, no real ambition, the other 7, they HATE/DETEST/LOATHE their jobs.
Why then do they do it, why do they spend 10 hours on things they would rather not do? (Make that 14 hours for some Lagosians who spend nothing less than 4 hours commuting to and fro each day).
  • Because we ALL have bills
  • Because SOME are afraid to take that plunge into uncertainty
  • Because SOME are afraid to chase their dreams
  • Because SOME have no other skill set/ talent etc
  • Because SOME do not have the means to finance their dreams
  • Because SOME are just plain Lazy!
For the record, I do not hate my job (my boss might be reading this. Lol) but I long for more...for me that MORE is freedom.
I am no lazy bum, so I have no desire to sit down at home and do nothing. I want freedom to do WHAT I want , WHEN I want and HOW I want.
I wish to be my own boss. Not having to wake up every morning to be at work at 8am would give me a sense of freedom. Having targets set and deliverables well mapped out would give me a set of freedom.
But I am a bit of a coward. Like SOME of those people I mentioned, I am afraid to be without the security blanket of a monthly paycheck, and that might be my undoing.
I read stories of people who took that leap of faith and now are their own bosses making a kill, and I am motivated for a week. Then I read about those who took the plunge and are so frustrated because it just did not work our for them and I am paralysed by fear for a year.
I know there are many Dianah's out there too chicken to take a chance, maybe someday soon I will find the courage to not just LOVE THE JOB I DO, but actually DO THE JOB I LOVE.

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