Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Help! Cell phones are Taking Over The World!

I used to have a  digital camera, hmmm, come to think of it now I think I still do...just have no idea where it is in my house because with my trusted cell phone, who needs a camera?
I used to have a mobile music device, but I can't find that either.
I used to read the twitter tells me everything
I used to have a torch light always within reach at night..not anymore.
I did not 'really' go for antenatal when I was pregnant, there was the 'babycentre app'  taking me through the process in details that would amaze any midwife or Dr.
Library what? I can download just about any book from Classiques to modern fiction.
I wonder how many people feel this way about their cell phones?
These cell phones have conveniently taken over with the aid of numerous apps. Meeting us at the point of our needs in a very convenient, handy, easy-to-access manner.
Bible app, ovulation app, baby app, business/work apps, entertainment, news etc
How many of us have ever left their homes without their cell phones and acted like their lives would fall apart in those long,precious hours away from their phones.
We rely on our phones so much it is almost obsessive!
We no longer need clocks/watches, we no longer need Calendars, we no longer even visit friends!
we just call or chat, and slowly we are losing that human or personal touch that makes us...well, HUMAN!
Why not try this out. How about leaving your phone for a week.
Lol, I could almost hear some people's heartbeat stop...let's make that a day.

Do you think you can handle a 'phone fast' ?

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