Monday, 24 August 2015

Life Sucks? Think again!

Before we go screaming how unfair life is, maybe you should walk a mile in someone else' shoes. It might be bad right now , trust me, it could have been worse.
I just received a WhatsApp message from my older sister in England a few minutes ago and I thought to share it here.

It reads:
  • I have this work colleague whose son is now a daughter (Transgender). He is being placed on hormonal treatments and all that. Heard it before, but never so close!The family is fine with it and excited about their new 'sister'  Weird world. The same Lady is twice married, her mum had a double mastectomy recently.
  • Another had a hysterectomy  and the entire womb has been taken out, she is only 24 and can never have kids. She works to take care of herself and her older hubby who is too ill to work. Her mum has terminal cancer. 
My sister rounded it up with this;

 'with all these  I am grateful for mum and dad, Hubby, kids n siblings'
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