Monday, 24 August 2015

Mob Mentality;Can it Ever be Curbed in Nigeria?

After making the mistake of watching the ALUU4 video that left me traumatised for a long time, I was really hoping that the death of those four young men would create an awakening, one that would help curb the madness that is mob mentality.

What turns 'normal' human beings to possessed demons? So possessed that they feel justified taking the life of another. What makes people think it is okay to watch an cheer on when someone is set ablaze. What gives you that 'holier-than-thou' right?

Growing up it was more of a Lagos thing-people getting mobbed and burnt to death. With all the robbery incidents in Benin where I grew up, it never happened as far as I Know.

I heard on Freshly Pressed this morning about the story below,  found it online and it is already messing up my morning. 

lynching-in-warriSomeone is so hungry, he steals food and while being chased he holds on to the pot?  Can you even imagine how hungry he must have been? I do not think he was right to have stolen food or anything for that matter, but did he just get killed because of a pot of food?

I am still shocked, appalled and hope something is done by the Law to curb this menace, because I am so sure a lot of innocent people have died or suffered some pain because of this.I have been robbed at home, in traffic in Lagos, Abuja and in Benin happens everyday and everywhere, but moust well lose what makes us human in the quest for JUSTICE or REVENGE?

According to the Daily Times , a man has been lynched and set ablaze by a mob, on Sunday morning in Calabar, capital city of Cross River State, for allegedly robbing a woman of a pot of soup.
The incident occurred near Atu Secondary School in the city. The victim and two other suspects were alleged to have been attracted by the aroma as the woman cooked the soup, and had snatched the pot after they attacked her.
The woman, whose name was yet to be ascertained as at the time of this report, thereafter raised an alarm, which prompted neighbours to pursue the fleeing robbers and eventually catch one of them. The irate youths hacked at the suspect with machetes before setting him ablaze. Read full story HERE

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