Monday, 24 August 2015

NCC Help! I Want to End This Relationship with the Telecoms #WeDontLoveYouLikeThat

I saw this Broadcast on WhatsApp and as hilarious, and ridiculous as it may seem, it is actually frustrating receiving these endless unsolicited messages and phone calls from the Telecoms. I find it annoying that unlike the emails we do not have the option of unsubscribing.
First the SMS' now the phone call with some really lovely automated voice on the line (Like that is supposed to make me feel better) If you are not my family member ,friend or colleague I do not understand why the incessant intrusion into my private time like an obsessed stalker. Maybe we should start a twitter protest letting them know  #WeDontLoveYouLikeThat

Recently, I feel like I'm dating MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL.I go to bed with a text and wake up with a text
message.It's either they are calling me or begging me tosubscribe to one thing or the other.
Very soon they will be like:
1. Dear customer. Are u HUNGRY?... Text HGY to 35388
for tips on HUNGER and what to eat.
2. Dear customer, need DELIVERANCE? Text DEL TO
35388 for daily tips on how to deliver yourself.
3. Dear customer, facing ancestral problems? Text
ANCESTORS to 35354 and receive daily ancestral tips
4. Dear customer, want to bathe but you have no
soap? Text SOAP to 35629 to receive daily soaps to your
5. Dear customer, feeling HEARTBROKEN? Text HEART to
38545 and receive tips on how to plaster your heart.
6 Dear customer, want to catch all the witch in
your village? Text CATCH to 30305 for tips to catch all
the witches in your village.
7 Dear customer, do you know there are people
who don't want you to succeed in your village?
Text THUNDER FIRE THEM to 33050.
And also imagine  sending my grandma BEAUTY TIPS.
For What???.....‎

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