Tuesday, 18 August 2015

So Young, So Loved- Adieu Peter Kayode Bello

Yesterday at about 7:30pm we had one of those days nobody wishes for anyone so young. We said good bye to a young man who a few knew till last week after the ill fated Bristow crash which left 6 people dead. Peter, the 26 year old co-pilot was unfortunately one of them.
I never met Peter, he never knew me, but his sister is a friend and I went there to pay my respect and support her.
It was quite touching to see so many young people show up to show love,  say good bye and hopefully reflect on their own lives.
Like the priest so aptly put it at the service of songs, when you are young you never 'prepare' for death, but strangely the day we are born we are already on the path to dying because it could happen the very next minute.
I have been in this position as my friend, I have lost a younger brother...but in a way, I was prepared because my brother fell ill and we knew there was that possibility.
I have been in the position of his colleagues, I was a cabin crew with Bellview airline when they had a plane crash in 2005, it sobered most of my colleagues and I because it could have been any of  us managing that flight.

'You will never forget, but it will get easier' was what I told Ajoke 'you will learn to live with it, you will learn to focus more on the privilege of being his sister'  

Life is so uncertain, but death is not. While we celebrate life each day and are grateful for it, we should also prepare in someways for death. How?
Well, we could start by showing kindness, being supportive, leaving lasting memories because like the hymn we are 'Only remembered by what we have done'
From  the large turnout yesterday at the service of songs, from the outpouring of affection during the tributes it might be safe to say Peter did a good job in those 26 years.

I got the picture used from BellaNaija, I think it is a good way to remember him, happy and in a good place.

Adieu Peter, adieu!
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