Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Too Black or Not Black Enough for BET?

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I am black and can say this without coming off as biased, racist or bitter. I am 100% Nigerian, from the Esan tribe in EdoState. I am also a fan of BET, just like I am a fan of EBONYLIFE. I see a similarity because both are run by two beautiful, black women who want the world to see blacks beyond gangsterism and babymama drama
This love for BET has propelled me to write, as it makes me wonder, why does the annual BET awards feel like WE are fighting US?
I have watched in the last few years with great appreciation for the fact that Africans have a black in the BET awards as known entertainers, at same time I am curious as to why the ceremony is recorded separately

Are we too Black? Are we not Black enough?

I am not an entertainer, and might never be on stage giving or receiving an award on BET, however I do not understand why African artistes who are highly respected globally have to receive their awards ahead of the main event.

I have watched with a tinge of disappointment as notable African entertainers such as Tiwa Savage, Davido, Sakordie and others have to receive their awards and perform to almost nobody or backstage (we notice BET)
While these artistes are pleased with a platform such as BET recognizing their work, you can also see the disappointment in their lack luster performances, the visibly somber look etched on their faces like kids given a pet only to open the cage to find it dead.

This is not meant to be a slap on BET’s face or a smear campaign, like so many people here in Nigeria and Africa in general, we wonder why.
Is it a schedule problem, we can readjust to be with everyone else. We want to be on same stage as Queen Bey, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and our African American counterparts. We want to receive awards in front of these global brands that several artistes aspire to be like.

Debra Lee, there is a saying in Nigeria that goes thus:

‘If you want to eat a frog, eat one with eggs in it’

Gross as it may sound considering we do not really eat frogs, lol. It means if you are going to do anything, just go all the way…no half measures.
Thank you BET for recognizing African artistes, but kindly treat us as equals, we know how to behave in civilized society, we know how to perform on ’big’ stages.
Let us be honest about this, if this same treatment was meted out by other races, we would scream RACISM!
I would hate to think this is WE on US.

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