Monday, 17 August 2015

We Know How To Party Sha!

Is this just a 'Naija thing' or does it happen in other places? I had a call this weekend from a distant relative whose child was about to celebrate her first birthday. After all the pleasantries and 'we go come chop rice o!' , then came the unexpected bombshell.
She went into this rant on how things are very expensive, she needs a very big character cake, then another cake with the age, caterers, bouncy castle, a photographer and goody bags for all the kids attending, I was still listening till she asked what my contribution would be. Lol
 I felt like screaming; ' I am not responsible for your Child's party' or 'Cut your coat according to your frigging cloth!' 
But instead, I found myself saying calmly, 'Danny and I will be there with a gift for Enitan
Lol. I knew she wanted me to say I would pay for the cake or something else like I did at her wedding, but no more!
I have my responsibilities jare. My son clocked one in April and I did not have a huge party. Truth be told, all you need for a one year old is a cake and a camera just to have  memorabillia for the day.
 Same thing happened with a friend's wedding, you buy aso-ebi, buy a decent gift, travel to the location and still 'contribute' to the wedding! Haba! you spend almost as much as the couple on their wedding!
Funerals, same thing. Imagine your security man loses his mum and tells you he must buy a big cow for the burial! 'madam na so we dey do am for my place' is his only explanation, forgetting he earns a miserly 30,000 naira and a cow would cost 5 times his monthly pay! Now he needs you, his boss to 'contribute' was she my mother? Why should I contribute because her son works for me? Why don't we ever have events we can conveniently pay for?
Half the time some 'evil' villagers that have in no way contributed to your existence make this demands at weddings and funerals, and we give in to avoid wahala.
There is always some old uncle or aunty who barely knows you, or barely said two words to your parents while they were alive, then all of a sudden , they think your father or mother was too important to be buried without 2 big Cows, 5 big goats, and whole poultry!
So between the Weddings,Birthdays, Naming Ceremonies and Funerals in Nigeria if you are unfortunate to have more than one of these in a year, you just might be knee deep in debt if you do not plan wisely.
I know the western world is different, but here in Africa I really would like to know if this happens in other countries?
I have heard a few friends from some African Countries talk about how they would love to attend a Naija wedding, and they make it sound like a Carnival... so tell me, are we alone on this?

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