Monday, 14 September 2015

Am I that Easy to Forget?

As much we would like to be special and loved by everyone, sad truth is,  NEVER GONNA HAPPEN, so  DEAL WITH IT! What truly hurts though is knowing the people you value most in life, or people you have known for the best part of your life, Family  and friends alike sometime just move on and not look back. No phone calls, mails, sms...zilch! Nada! Makes you wonder and in the words of the great country singer of yore (Lol. yes, I said yore), Skeeter Davis, ask yourself this question “Am I that easy to forget?”
I spent this weekend with one of my dearest friends Nandir, who happened to be in town and typical females that we are, we headed for the salon and did some girl talk, which took us to talking about old friends. Our conversation triggered this piece as we both wondered how some people walk out of our lives and never keep in touch. Mind you, we were not talking about boy/girl relationships, we were talking about childhood friends, colleagues and in some cases family members who probably relocated, got married etc. Sometimes you even fear the worst has happened, maybe they are dead and you just haven’t heard about it!
Nandir and I had met during our NYSC days, we served together in Imo state,  we hit it off, and we had spoken about our families and friends so often to each other,to the extent that it seemed we knew them even without meeting them, and we have stayed friends ever since. During our service year, we had been five girls  and four guys living in two separate flats we were accommodated in and we all got along, or so we thought…but as soon as service year was over, one of the girls decided there was nobody worth keeping in touch with and never bothered, even when we tried contacting her, she never tried back, so we all let her be….are we that easy to forget?
Thank God for social media platforms like BBM,Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Watsapp etc many of us have been able to search for friends that we had lost touch with over the years, a lot of times you discover you no longer have much in common anymore,  but sometimes the memories of the past helps you build something new. You don’t have to be best buddies, but they were a part of your life at some point, so it only seems reasonable to want to be civil with each other.
I know its not easy to keep in touch with everyone you have met, but when they extend a hand of friendship, it is wise not to shove it back in their faces. I do not believe bridges should be burnt after they have been crossed, you never know if you might have to walk that road again. I don’t go beating myself over it when old friends or acquaintances fail to stay in touch, rather it just makes me wonder if I am that easy to forget, maybe I never added any value to their lives…I guess I will have to make myself more relevant to the friends I have today, so I can and will always be a part of their tomorrow.
However, when you extend that hand of friendship and they don't want it, don't beat yourself over it,maybe, just maybe your work in each others life is pretty much done.
Many may walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart. _Anon
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