Monday, 14 September 2015

The Little Heartbreaker

New mums/First time mums are simply impossible. Some might even say their endless baby rant is annoying. Lol
How many first time mums do you know that are guilty of one or ALL of the under listed:
  1. Simple 'how is your baby?' and they actually start giving you the gist of every single thing the kids does (or they think the kid did)
  2. Their answer to your casual 'Little Danny must be so grown' , and she whips out the ever ready camera/phone and shows you pics and videos
  3. 'Has baby started crawling?' She narrates how is a genius and has even started walking
  4. She uses words like Lactating, Cruisng, Naptime,Weaning etc
  5. She knows all the baby channels Disney, Jim Jam, Nickelodeon, Disney Junior and can sing all those silly nursery rhymes like she is the Celine Dione of Baby tunes!
  6. She thinks drools are cute!
  7. You asked of her baby on the phone and she gives the 4 month old the phone to 'say hello to aunty'...babies dont talk! she just wants to put the phone in her little mouth!
  8. She hasreplaced her phone 5 times and baby is just a year old...stop giving the baby the phone already!
  9. She is always stylishly thinking her kid is smarter and cuter than every other kid on earth 'Nory, Royalty and Blue Ivy are just popular jare, my kid is cuter' ...who ask you?
  10. If a store does not sell baby stuff, its a useless store
  11. She plans baby's first birthday like it a wedding
  12. She goes to Linda Ikeji's blog to check Charly boy's grand kids, Psquare's kids and some Other celeb kids just to see what they are wearing!
My name is Dianah, I am a first time mum, very guilty of some of the under listed and proudly so!
I look at my little Bubbly D, who is over a year old and I still think the sun rises and sets with him. Don't do much writing about my family, he might be a baby, but his father and I do not want him in social media so this is one of those rare times that I just want to be all mummy and say
 'for those times you broke my iphone screen, wrecked 2 remote controls its okay, mummy isn't super mad about it'
'For those times you fell because you are such a spirited and boisterous little darling, mummy hurts when you do'
To all new mums, your friends might think you are over doing it with all the excitement, na them sabi..nobody can tell you how much love you can show. Be excited , love the feeling, spoil them a little, but don't over do it. Instill values, train them up to be decent, kind, loving and good. Do it for them, do it for you, do it for the society!

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