Thursday, 4 May 2017

Still on Banky W and Adesua Etomi...

It took Banky W and Adesua Etomi's Engagement announcement to bring me out of my blogging hiatus, I love LOVE!
I have been looking at this picture, and in my head I am like 'we have already married you guys off 'Banky should just go an pay our people the bride price' Notice how I am famzing and calling Adesua's family 'OUR PEOPLE' , I have been doing that since I heard she is Ishan like moi.
Been so excited for this couple and I mentally made a checklist of the many reasons why this new 'Power Couple' almost broke the Nigerian internet space yesterday:

  • Cuteness   checkbox,full
  • Popularity checkbox,full
  • Star powercheckbox,full
  • Ability to keep their private life off social media checkbox,fullcheckbox,fullcheckbox,fullcheckbox,full
I could not help putting the several checks on the privacy bit. In this day of social media, too many people tell us more than we need to know. I DO NOT want to know how many times you take a crap, how many people you have slept with, how your 'uncle' dashed you money and every new acquisition you have. I may read it, but I really DO NOT need to know.
Over the years, we have realised that many people have their 'virtual life' , where it is all about showing off supposed wealth and happiness,  then their 'real life' where they are secretly depressed and broke.
I wonder how this all started. Why do we care so much about what strangers think about us? As much as we would like to promote our brand and stay relevant for career and business purposes in some cases, Why are we obsessed with the desire to tell people how well we are doing? 
People paint so much falsehood on social media, that they begin to believe their own lies! Like the actress who claimed some American celebrity's dogs were hers on social media, who cares if she owned a dog or not? what was the relevance of such falsehood?
I like social media, I find it very informative and entertaining, but I love my privacy even more and for that reason Banky W and the beautiful Adesua Etomi are my new Couple Crush.
I wish them a great marriage ahead, may their relationship continually be theirs and not the general public's. God bless you two lovebirds.

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