I woke up with the thought …..

Of life and its uncertainties
How weird is this?
For us to judge without taking a closer look
At our very own inadequacies
“human frailty” we call it when its our mistake
Hell and damnation! We yell when its others

I always find life amazing
Like Davinci’s Monalisa
Certain things feel so real and so right
Giving us countless reasons
Endless excuses to go on
When deep down we know just how wrong they are

I spent all day wondering
As I stared out the window
Seeking for answers in the pouring rain
Answers I already knew
And spent the night accepting those answers
Answers I already knew
Hoping they become decisions
Decisions I can finally handle.

I woke up to a new dawn
I woke up to a new reality
I woke up to the realisation
That wanting something doesn’t mean you need it
Needing something does not meant u can have it
It hurts but it’s all so true.

I smelt the roses this morning
I felt the rain this morning
It helped me with my reality check
It helped me take a stand
Wishful thinking doesn’t help much
Waiting can be a real bore/pain.

Life i think is just a game
The winner takes it all
While the loser gets nothing
But the fair part of the game is
We all get to chose
If we win or lose.

Walk on by

Or maybe you shouldn’t
Cos stopping might mean you gave up
Maybe you should
Cos it just might help you make a decision
To go on or take a detour.

Life is in phases
But i would rather it were in faces
Faces of people we love
Faces of those we detest
Faces of those we never stop to notice
Faces of those we fail to acknowledge
Just faces and phases

I am sure people hurt
Cos i have been hurt before
I am quite sure people people love
Cos i have been loved and still am
I am quite sure people hate
Cos each time i look around i see its result

Not the way we think of it
But the way it actually is
Each time you litter the streets
Each time u swear at someone
Each time you have those evil little thoughts
Each time you turn a blind eye
Each time you turn a deaf ear

Time heals all pain they say
But why is it so hard to let go
When we lose a loved one to death
When our heart is broken
Why does our heart still bleed years after?
Maybe time doesn’t heal

Maybe time just helps us deal with the pain
Maybe time just helps us focus on other things
So we dwell less on our pain
Spend longer hours than on the previous
Got plans enough to tide me over
But still feel incomplete
Cos this wasn’t what i was meant to do
This isn’t where i am meant to be

But i guess there is a reason for everything
And being here already does not give me much of an option
So i am going to have to swallow my pride
Eat my humble pie
And make it work
Cos what’s worth doing at all
Is worth giving your best shot.

Why do i still cry
Why does the thought of you make our hearts ache
Why is there always an uncomfortable silence
Whenever we talk about you.
Why cant i look mum in the eyes when we talk about you
Why do we have no pictures of you
How come the easiest way to make me cry
Is by thinking of what you went thru
Happy birthday little bro,
Love you even in death.

When it rains it pours!
At least that’s what it feels like sometimes
On those cold, long, lonely nights
On those hot stuffy days
Days it seemed minutes were hours
And seconds were minutes
Days when it felt like time stood still

Sometimes i actually think life sucks
Life isn’t fair
Being good does not make u get good things
Being bad doesn’t mean you get bad things either
It just means that life is much more than we make of it
It means God is fair to all
It means we can never truly predict the outcome of things
It means thing do not really go the way we want
It means life sucks sometimes!


First i thought it was me
Then later i thought it was you
Then later i figured it was us
We had a problem
Me for wanting too much
You for wanting too little.

We seem to be at different places
Me on a recovery
You on a discovery
Both on a forked road
Both on two separate paths
Both wanting something different

I stay away cos i have to
Not because i want to
Being apart hurts
Being with you hurts
Strange way to feel
Strange way to love.

L’amour ou l’amitie?
Je l’aime mais j’ai peur
Il me traite comme les autres
Les battements de mon Coeur
Deviennent de plus en plus profondu
Lorsqu’il est pres de moi
Tu m’as montre sans effort
Qu’il est possible
Toujours possible d’aimer encore
Parfois notre amitie est suffisant
Parfois je suis content d’etre ton amie seulement
Mais la dedans,
Je pries que tu m’aimes
Car sans ton amour
Notre amitie n’est que rien

My wish
I wish i were a bird
So that i can sing without a care
I wish i were a butterfly
So i can fly away from difficulties

I wish i were a rose
Beautiful even in the midst of thorns
I wish i were a stream
Flowing without any hitches

I seem to have my wishes
I can sing, but not like a bird
I can flee from difficulties
I am beautiful, though not like the rose
I can flow but to a different rhythm
I guess i like being me.

My child heed my words
You’ll need them someday
Remember the words of your old man
They could come in handy someday

My son hear my voice
Listen to the voice of an old man
He has seen and lived it all
Be respectful to an old woman
Her sagging breast has fed mouths

My son hearken to my voice b
Be faithful to your spouses
Nemesis catches up with the unfaithful
Be at peace with your brothers
They are always family.

My children heed my words
You will need them someday
Learn to love in order to be loved
It could take so much out of you
But you would be nothing without it.

Furnish my heart with love
So that i know not hate
Plant a garden in my heart
So that i’ll see beauty all around
Place a red carpet in me
So that i’ll learn to receive strangers.

Furnish my hear with kindness
So that i’ll be useful to all around
Install wisdom in me
So i might make right judgements
Upholster me with understanding
So i can lend a shoulder to cry on

Kiss my lips with self control
So i might be restrained from being spiteful
Give me an open arm
So i can love and be loved
Above all, let God be my interior decorator
So i’ll be internally beautiful.

I hear the rustling of the leaves
I hear the howling of the wind
I hear the singing of the birds
I hear the chirping of the cicacda
I wonder.........

I perceive the fragrance of the flower
I smell the after rain air
I feel the caress of the wind
I see the rippling of the water
It leaves me wondering......

I feel the coolness of the rain
I feel the intensity of the sun
I see the darkening of the day
I see the brightening of the night
My wondering self remains puzzled.

I salute you mother nature
You make the fresh leaves
And later turn it dry and crinkly
You open the budding flower
And you let it whither

I pay tribute to you mother nature
You send down the rain
To wet our lands
You send the scorching sun
To dry it up

I admire you mother nature
You who makes the marshy, muddy swamp
And the dry, dusty desert too
You who makes the predator and the prey
This is my tribute to you.

THE OTHER LADY (A dear john letter)
Forgive me if you can
Its not that i do not care
I like you
But i love her

Try to see things from my angle
Its not that i wanted to hurt you
You are a dear
But she is a darling

Remember the good times
Its not that you are a terrible sight
You are pretty
She radiates beauty

Forgive me if you can
Its not that i do not care
you mean a lot to me
she means everything to me

Just waiting…….

How does it feel
Being alone and lonely even in a crowd
Everyone scurrying
Too busy to give a hoot about the next person
I could not even tell what the lady beside me had been wearing
She seemed to have had something on her lap,
A bag, a teddy, maybe it was a puppy….
So I paused,
And for once break the reverie to appreciate the scenery
Families spending quality time and fostering bonds
Children making peace and quiet mere wishes
Lovers enjoying each other’s company
Vendors noisily trying to convince buyers
Beats my solitude I must admit
More fascinating than the music on my ipod
Were the birds singing
The chirping cicadas
The rippling waves on the wind caressed lake
The lush vegetation, the sun, the people
All giving the scenery an aesthetic value
Even more picture perfect than a Monet masterpiece
And the lady….i saw her again, she was carrying a baby!



In a world where indecency is considered decent
Where immorality is considered moral
In a world where wrong is right and right thought wrong?
Because everyone is involved.

In this generation where fools are wise and the wise thought fools
In this generation where evil is the “in thing”
Where the “in thing” is evil
How does a decent heart keep afloat?

In our time when everyone is scared, too scared to make commitments
In our time when youths are too “hype”
Too hype and civilized to consider God
What kind of future do we foresee in godlessness?

In our time when serving God is old fashioned, people keep God at bay
In our time, when light is ignored,
And people would rather grope in the dark
How long will it take before we stumble?

In these times when words of our elders are no longer words of wisdom
Will our “know it all” stand the test of time?
What is our world turning into?
Dear God, all I have are questions

La deesse de la chasse

WE on US

Was it the whip or my mind reminiscing
Dear God , I really don’t know, but I know it hurts.
It came down again
What do they want from me?
I know it will come to an end, but why is it taking so long?

We have worked for them all our lives
Not that they appreciate it
But we work because we know no other way
Our fathers and their fathers before them did ‘travaux forces’
So did we, will our children continue the ungainly tradition?
It has got to end.

We wake up while they yet sleep to do their chores
We make them fine and white
We make them what they are ,then they scare us silly
We made them lord over us
Now servitude is the only position left for us.

We are free! ‘thank God almighty we are free at last’
But what is happening?
How come the laughter did not last long?
Don’t they understand ‘les cries des victoires’
No more white lords over us
No more whip marks s down our backs
No more white men making our women whores
So why are there no shouts of victory?

What is going on now?
No more whites over us
Our militant lords making oppression a part of our existence
Ritual killing make slavery a joke
Our women making whores of themselves!
Dear God,
We cant ask for any more favours
Cos now it is we on us
We go through each day not knowing what to expect
We just sit…….
Sit and wait.


Dear mama,
You leave me speechless most times
There seem to be nothing new to say
I really don’t know why I am writing
But I’ll think of what to say

Dear mama,
I always wonder how you do it
How do you cope with all the hassles
How did you end up being my ‘guiding star’
How can you be so feminine and yet so firm?
How can you be so caring and yet so tough
How can you be so beautiful and yet so wise
I hope I turn out as great as you.

Dear mama,
I started with not knowing what to say
Now I seem to have so much to say
But I’ll sum it up in these words
I love you and I’ll make you proud.



There he is!
The king of the bin
Looking grotesque in his tattered regalia
A heap of trash for his subject
Our discarded food his royal meal.

He sits as majestically as only he can
Yelling obscenities to passers by
Or muttering inaudibly to himself
He is indeed a sight to behold
The king of the bin.

He stares at everything but at nothing
In the midst of his subjects he eats
A disgusting sight he is
But he does not seem to mind
Because he is in his kingdom
The king of the bin
Dianah Aigiomawu


I am drowning, but I am not in water
I feel lost even when I am at home
I cant seem to find my bearing
I can feel myself drifting in a cloudless sky
Just cant stop,
It feels like I am going to crash…into what?
I really don’t know
My mind is troubled
I have no one to talk to
No one to bare my heart to
Just myself, I’m all alone.

I am drifting further and further
Away from everyone who cares
Or who doesn’t?
Everyone stares when I take a walk
I know they all despise me
Or do they?
I am so confused
Head aching from too much thoughts
My eyes are puffy and swollen
My throat is sore
Just cant talk, I am lonesome.

I know I am not a masochist
Neither am I a sadist
I am just a lonely person
Trying to drunk and drown in loneliness
I wish someone understands me
Because I don’t even understand myself
I wish there was someone
But I doubt if I can ever love again
Because I am drifting, slowly drifting
And I know it wont be long
Till I surrender myself finally
To the void and abyss slowly engulfing me.



It had drizzled all day, Serenity was the word for it
I could hear the birds chirping, I wish were a part of it
My morning was melancholic, My state of mind a wreck
She, a kin, his mistress!
So unnerved and degraded I felt, there and then I swore
To get even I must, even if my last breath it takes

My intent to myself I kept, Calm I struggled to stay
My plans I carefully laid, I knew it wouldn’t be long
The love nest well known, my heart stone like
I could hear the earth call,
The walls pleaded and watched
Made up remained my mind
The unfaithful deserved to be punished.

The door hid its face
As in the act I caught them
Both accomplices in sin
The can heat deeply my palm
As on them the liquid poured
I could still hear their screams
Long after the deed
The fear of God I instilled,
Evil doers must learn
That sinners never go unpunished.
Dianah Aigiomawu


I see her all bent and scraggly
Walking with a limp
She does not mind the weather
She’s always at the field

I see her with her wrinkled face
A distorted mask when sad
And a welcoming smile when pleased
Her mood, always on her face

I see her in the mornings
A chewing stick in her toothless gum
As she opens the pen for the goats
And tends the wounded lamb

I remember her in the moonlit nights
Telling us legendary tales
Yes, memories are all we have of her,
Cos the old woman is no more.
Dianah Aigiomawu


The sun shone ,he walked
It scorched him, but onwards he walked
He was scarred and parched but he didn’t seem to mind
He would pause, and at the sun stare
As though imploring it to have pity on him.

The rain drizzled, he walked
He shivered and was cold, he trotted on
His tears mingled with the rain
He had goose bumps, it seemed unimportant
Pneumonia seemed like a welcomed guest
He would sometimes smile as if the rain
Had revealed some secrets to him

The night would be moonlit
Hungrily and thirstily he would walk on
He would cry in agony and sometimes smile
Like one who was dememnted
A pitiful sight, my heart went out to him
Who was he?
Where was he journeying to?

I longed to ask the stranger these questions
But I never did, I never had the chance
One breezy evening I met him, stone cold he was
He had been relieved of his burden
In the hills in our little village
Unwelcomed and unknown he died
The solitary traveler.
Dianah Aigiomawu


It happened
But I refuse to admit
You are no more
But I refuse to believe

I see your smiling face
I visualize your springy walk
In my heart you will always be alive
Though they say you are gone

I see us in the garden
I remember our little gossips
To me there is still ‘us’
Though you are no more around

You are dead, hard to admit
But I have to accept
In my heart you will always be alive
Your memory will stay with me always.

-Dianah Aigiomawu

Make it count

people are made to love
but people hate much more
people are made to feel
but insensitivity seems a lot easier
people are made to be happy
but that would take the shine of self pity/sadness

we love the sunshine when it rains
and when the heat gets too hot we love the rain
we ask God for peace
and all the time war rages in our hearts
we wish for a better world
only if someone else can make it better

we want so much
we do so little
we wish so much
we dream too much
we have our heads in the cloud so much
we forget to live a little.

When I saw her
The sun slowly sank into the sea
A view only a seaside sunset can give
The salty taste in the air making it one with the sea
The chill in the air, the salt in my mouth and the sand in my hair
My link with nature
I was lost in its calm

The slow sashay of her hips
The effortless stride of those endless legs on the sand
Eyes black as night, Glistening tears making it shimmer
Like the mirrored light on the waters In a cold dark night
When I saw her
I was totally lost in her.

If there was ever a reason to live
If there was ever a reason to give
If there was ever a purpose for life
If there was ever a reason to stay

If loved ones were our choices to make
If families we could pick from a shelf
If neighbors were our subjects to make
If only these choices were ours to make

If wishes were horses then beggars would ride
If horses where wishes only the rich could afford
Then lame as it sounds the world just stays unfair
Cause a raw deal it stays for the poor once out there.

The Mask
Crazy place it is
I see all walking, all talking
All trying to be hype, all trying to stay on top
So few are real, so few really enjoying the pace
Everyone wears a mask
A mask of glee, a mask of euphoria
A mask that they don’t care
A mask that life is fair

I took off my mask this morning
I let down my guard this morning
I stripped to my skin and walked to the shower
Washing away the trace of yesterday
Erasing the memory of a failed past
Cleansing my flesh as well as my soul
It seemed like a ritual
As I watched the water flow

A tribute to the rain
I love it when it rains
I am not talking about the effects of flood
Neither do I liken it to the traffic
Our bad roads are the reason for both.

I love it when it rains
I am not talking of the skin soaking downpour
Neither am I talking about the chill that it brings
Those are cos I left home without my umbrella

I love it when it rains
I am talking about the purity in the air
The feeling of the cool calm air
The feeling that makes me want to hug God

Je t’aime
It is strange how I let you have
So strange how I give u
The power to make me happy
The power to make me sad
Just did not see it coming
Sometimes I wish I could help it….

It makes me happy to feel this way
It makes me sad to feel this way
It makes me wish for more from you
It makes me want to give less of me
I don’t want to be left with nothing
Cos I have walked this road before…..

You gave me strength when I needed
You were for me just what I needed
I don’t even know what u did
Didn’t even have to do much, truth be told
Thought I was much stronger
But I fell, fell so deep….

I have no one to blame for my feelings
You never gave a reason to expect more
You never led me on at all
But I guess hearts are obstinate
Cos I did try not to have to say
Je t’aime

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