About me

Growing up as a Kid, I had always wanted to own any kind of outfit/Organisation/Company just so I could call it Dianah's Place. LOL, Back then, there were no blogs!
My name is Dianah Ose Aigiomawu, and this blog is a fulfillment of a childhood fantasy, and a follow up on My passion, Writing.
I started writing when I was 12 ...maybe 13, and still have some of those childish novels and poems I wrote way back.
I have an older sister, Helda who writes and I have some wonderful friends, the Edoros who encouraged every piece of "Rubbish" I wrote back then.
I hope like wine I have gotten better with age,and I hope you find some reason to come back to this blog, cos in my world,where pictures are written not painted, there are only "Entries" and no "Exits"

Welcome to Dianah's Place!
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