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This segment of the blog, will be giving you amazing paintings/ artworks from various Nigerian artists in Nigeria and the Diaspora. Featuring for the first time here, is Titus Agbara.
For your pleasure, the paintings, and a bit about about the man behind the paintings

Titus Agbara was born in Lagos 1974. He attended the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi 1994 up until 1999 achieving his Higher National Diploma in Painting and General Art.
After graduating, he served his native Nigeria in 2000/2001. Since then has been fulfilling his destiny as a full-time artist.
He has to his credit many group shows, private commissions and solo exhibitions in Africa and abroad and has participated in art residency with Professor Ablade Glover and with Kofi Setordji under the sponsorship of Ford Foundation.
He defines Art as man’s quest for the truth either consciously or unconsciously done. It is inexhaustible. The quest for the never ending truth is what he called individualistic tendency. With this, through the exploration of colours and texture, he hopes to convey a strong sense of emotion with the ever changing mood and voice of his inner mind which constantly surprises and inspires him.

Titus has particular interest in painting landscapes and sceneries. His painting technique is elaborate and distinguishable. There is honesty and sincerity expressed in his pieces. He paints with a palette knife, mostly in oil but also water colour and pastel.
Titus view life as one great adventure, travelling is his passion, and he loves to create works to share with the world which he believes in someway will impact society and inspire goodness in humanity.

He is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artist, and Quatrain Group of Artist.
For further information visit his website on
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